illicit relationship

Hidden Marriage





illicit relationship

Quote of the Main Character "In the future, I will be the wealthiest person in China and sit on my throne with beautiful women in my arms." synopsis: One day, a handsome young man died in a car accident. He suddenly wakes up and find himself in an unfamiliar place, but what surprised him most is that he is taking over someone else's body. He is once again surprised when he knows that he is in a parallel universe with the same laws as his previous world. At first, he only wants to enjoy his life. But after learning his predecessor desires to be a successful person and make his family happy, he decides to continue his predecessor's dream. With knowledge from his previous life, he starts his adventure to become a successful person, and of course, he doesn't forget to seduce beautiful women left and right. Follow him as he embarks on his journey to become a successful person and conquer the hearts of beautiful women. * I will edit the previous chapters if I have free time. please bear with it for now. *Tags= slice of life, poor to rich, action, martial arts, gangs, leader gang, beautiful female lead, handsome male lead, older love interests, harem, cruel MC, torture, multiple identities, secret identity, R-18, romance, modern-day, MILF, friendship, war between gangs, war against martial art schools, scheming, betrayal, genius MC, incest, strong MC (OP at the same level). *** plot first arc= focus on relationship (No trouble here) and business. a lot of sex scenes. skip it if you feel uncomfortable with it. second arc =Helping Lin Xing Xue and relationship. less sex scenes. third arc = problems begin to appear. much much much much less sex scenes. **

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