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"Chantelle, The Moon Elf"

"Chantelle, The Moon Elf"

If Damon wasn't facing the celestial but human ability users, at most, he would only become older by one or two years, not directly by decades like now.      

A pity. Damon faced the celestials, a race more superior than humans and the price he had to pay was also great.      

Despite this, Damon didn't care too much. Anyway, he had died once, and this body was only temporary.      

If he could kill the celestial's soul healers, the normal healers and even get the queen to stop her skill activation, that was all worth it!      

The moment Damon sensed the change in the celestial soldiers on the battlefield, he hurriedly motioned at Chantelle to resume his attack with her own ability.      

"You....you can now attack the base camp and force the queen to use up her other trump cards."      

Damon spoke as slow as a snail and his energy was rapidly declining, but Chantelle didn't despise him at all and intimately grabbed his wrinkled hand.      

"Okay. Wait for me, Damon."      

The cold moon elf dropped a light kiss on the back of Damon's wrinkled hand and slowly approached the black clouds in the air with her fire beast mount.      

It's time to show these celestials why she's called the Ice Queen and the Silver Goddess!     

Chantelle's hair swayed in the air as the woman slowly moved her left hand towards the arrow container on her back.      

Her right hand was holding a beautiful bow made of something strange similar to silver metal, but it was gentle and elastic, almost like any other excellent bows.      

People said that the bow of the moon elf was carved out of moonlight. Hence, it was called the crescent moonlight bow.      

Chantelle slowly reached out to the arrow container, but if one looked closer, they would find that the container itself was empty, and there were no so-called arrows at all!      

  Chantelle skillfully took out an arrow that didn't exist at all, not just because of invisibility or anything, but it was really...just thin air.      

However, the way Chantelle took the arrow and put it on the bowstring that glistened under the moonlight was as if there was an arrow there.      

Of course, those who weren't ability users and just ordinary people would never be able to see what's going on, but if there was an ability user here...     

The moment Chantelle held her silver bow and reached out to take the non-existence arrow, a silhouette slowly appeared behind her.      

The silhouette was a splitting image of Chantelle herself, but the body was more like an ethereal spirit glowing with light blue light.      

The silhouette appeared on Chantelle's back, and as time went by, the silhouette became bigger and bigger, until it turned into a huge person with the same ethereal body.      

For those who had watched Naruto before, they would immediately realize that this 'shadow body' behind Chantelle was really similar to the one that Sasuke had when using a certain ultimate skill.      

The ethereal body behind Chantelle was just like Chantelle herself, but she was much bigger than Chantelle.      

The aura around this shadow body was so oppressive that no birds or flying-type beasts in the sky dared to fly around the huge figure.      

The figure still had her eyes closed, but when Chantelle moved to take the arrow, the silhouette also moved to take an arrow from her back.      

The silver bow she was holding in her right hand was similar to Chantelle's, but it was semi-transparent, as if not real at all.      

The strange thing was...the moment the silhouette took the arrow from the arrow container on her back, she did take out something instead of thin air, unlike Chantelle!      

The two people, one solid and one semi-transparent, had the same exact movement, but Chantelle held an empty air as her arrow while the silhouette held something real.      

It was a pure white arrow that looked like a string of light coming from the moon itself.      

One couldn't say it was an arrow because the tip of the light thing was not sharp at all.      

Still, the moment the string of light appeared, an invisible shockwave rippled from the light arrow itself, spreading throughout the nearby celestial.      

The celestials were sensitive to anything made of holy light or anything related to light, so those closest to Chantelle's place instantly sensed the shockwave.      

If people could see the shockwave, they would see the silver ripple spreading from the light arrow in Chantelle's silhouette's hand, just like when the water's surface rippled gently.      

The shockwave was gentle, even beautiful in a sense if anyone could see it, but the celestials who received the shockwave stiffened from head to toe.      

This power— is it the power of the moon?      

The celestials could instantly feel the cold aura from the moon, arrogant and aloof.      

As celestials, they liked the sun more than the moon because a lot of creatures in the dark camp relied on the moon a lot.     

But they also had to admit that the moon's power was no less than the sun, especially when it was nighttime.      

When they felt the shockwave, they suddenly felt as if they were inside a room bathed in the moonlight, but the moonlight was cold and unfeeling.      

They couldn't help but feel a true chill down their spines.      

It was another natural power from nature!      

What happened? Did someone invite a moon-related creature or something?      

But those creatures should be super scarce!      

How could one of them be here on the battlefield?      

It was a pity that there was indeed a moon-related creature here on the battlefield, albeit only a half-blood.      

There was Chantelle, the moon elf!      

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