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Unwanted Visitors

Unwanted Visitors

Wei Liuying made her own blanket again, but she was careful enough to not move her legs. She had seen that there were some open wounds, but there was simply nothing to help her clean them up. As an emergency measure, she tore her inner robe's skirt and used it to bandage the wound.     

When she got out of this shed, she would treat them.     

Just like before, she still had some meat buns inside her pocket. With these foods, she was not that hungry. However, the pain in her legs did make it harder for her to fall asleep.     

"Miss, it's already morning," the guards called out from outside.     

Wei Liuying acknowledged them and dragged her body to the door. Her movements were slower, but every step was firm. She didn't want to show her weak appearance to anyone. In front of the door, Xiao Qing was already standing with an anxious expression on her face. Looking at Wei Liuying's pale face, Xiao Qing was even more worried.     

She quickly stepped forward and held Wei Liuying's hand. Her eyebrows knitted. "Miss, you're burning fever."     

"Oh… ask Xiao Yu to call for a doctor."     


Xiao Qing bit her lower lips as she guided Wei Liuying away. The guards behind looked at each other and one of them tactfully headed out to call for a doctor. They couldn't possibly let Wei Liuying get sick and didn't call for a doctor. The news that the Third Miss from Wei Household was sick soon spread in the residence.     

In the quarter, Xiao Yu's eyes were still swollen and red. It was clear that she had cried herself to sleep. Upon seeing Wei Liuying, her eyes turned red once more as she resisted the urge to cry.     


"Prepare hot water and some ointment."     


The two of them moved quickly to help Wei Liuying wash up and then they treated her legs. When the doctor arrived along with Feng Chun, Wei Liuying was treating her legs after she had washed up.     

"This…" the doctor's eyes widened when he saw the horrible gash on Wei Liuying's leg. There were a lot of bruises that had changed colors. He turned his head to look at Feng Chun in disbelief. Did she ask Wei Hong Zheng to beat up Wei Liuying?     

He was Feng Family's doctor, so he was familiar with what Feng Chun did. Besides, they couldn't let other doctors check on Wei Liuying in fear that they would find out that the third miss learned martial arts. As part of the prime minister household, it would be weird for her to learn martial arts and yet, no one knew about that.     

"His Highness the Fourth Prince, Prince Ji Shu punished her," Feng Chun explained with a tone of disdain. She felt that her daughter had grown worse and worse each day. Now, she even got into trouble without any instruction from her.     


The doctor chose not to ask anything more. The word 'fourth prince' already explained many things.     

"Let me take a look at you."     

As the doctor checked on her wounds and pulse, Wei Liuying kept quiet. Her head was heavy, but she still forced herself to think and let her brain work. She also couldn't pass out in front of her mother.     

After a while, the doctor finished. "The wounds will take two weeks to a month to heal. As it's treated late, there's a high chance that there would be scars."     

Feng Chun frowned. Usually, she would ask the doctor to do whatever it takes to make sure that there was no scar. Unfortunately, Wei Liuying still has a lot of scars which was the result of the beating she suffered from sparring with Wei Hong Zheng.     

This time, she didn't really care, though. "It's fine. How long will it take for her to be able to have a spar with Hong Zheng again?"     

The doctor was already used to Feng Chun's lack of care for her daughter. "The earliest will be two weeks from now."     

"Two weeks is really long," Feng Chun complained.     

"If she forced herself to use her martial arts, her wounds will never heal. She won't be able to give the best result in the practice," the doctor explained.     

Feng Chun snorted, feeling annoyed. However, she still nodded and looked at Wei Liuying. "Consider yourself lucky. In two weeks, I better see you in Hong Zheng's courtyard to practice again."     

Wei Liuying bowed slightly with only her upper body. There was no change in her expression. It remained placid and indifferent. "Wei Liuying understands, Mother."     


The doctor proceeded to prescribe medicine and told Wei Liuying that she had to rest properly. After reminding her of the food that she had to take note, the doctor left the residence. He felt a bit of pity for Wei Liuying, but that was all. He couldn't waste his time to take care of others when it was already hard enough for him to leave.     

"Miss, the medicine."     

Wei Liuying drank the medicine after she finished eating. It was rare for Feng Chun to provide her with lots of food. It seemed that Feng Chun wanted her to recover faster because she was still useful.     

"Xiao Yu."     

"Yes, Miss."     

"Tell me what happened that day."     

Tears rolled down on Xiao Yu's cheek. "Miss, I was merely passing by First Miss's quarter when there were several guards stopping me. They brought me to First Miss's quarter and the Second Miss is telling everyone that I have been peeping on the First Miss's business. I said that it's a lie, but they didn't believe me…."     

As Xiao Yu narrated the incident, Wei Liuying merely listened from the side. Xiao Qing's fingers were balled into a fist as she was angry. She knew that since they dared to frame Wei Liuying this time, there was no telling how many times they would try to frame her in the future again.     

It was a common occurrence for the noble ladies to point fingers at each other.     

"Miss, they're so hateful," Xiao Qing said with clear annoyance.     

"Yes," Wei Liuying responded calmly. She pulled up the blanket and looked at Xiao Yu. "Do not get close to First Sister's quarter in the future."     

"Yes, Miss," Xiao Yu replied with tears rolling down on her forehead. She looked so pitiful that one would curse anyone who dared to mess her up.     

Wei Liuying sighed and looked at the ceiling. "I want to rest. You can leave now."     

"Yes, Miss."     

The two of them left the room while Wei Liuying closed her eyes. Her head was throbbing, but she still forced herself to think of things clearly. She understood very well that the event was not that simple. How could the idiot Wei Zilin even know about what Xiao Yu did in the past?     

She truly needed to reevaluate her siblings again.     

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