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Still Show Faces

Still Show Faces

"What did you say?" Yang Xian was stunned. "Your Highness, you know that you already have a fiancée, right? Besides, based on Miss Liuying's attitude, she wouldn't be interested in entering the palace as a con…"     

"I want her as my advisor or strategist," Ji Sheng continued with cold eyes.     

"Advisor?" Yang Xian calmed down. The only ones who could make him perplexed were either Ji Sheng with his abrupt request or Shi Yan with his stupidity. However, his tone turned dissatisfied. "Wait, you're planning to have her take my position?"     

Ji Sheng passed a glance. "You two can both be advisors."     

Yang Xian was stunned. He looked at Ji Sheng for a moment before he sighed. "Let's wait a bit more."     


"The time is not ripe."     

This time, Ji Sheng didn't say anything more. He knew that when it came to calculation and scheming, Yang Xian was the best. After all, the place where Yang Xian lived before required him to be cunning and calculative if he didn't want to die.     


Wei Liuying slept until it was morning. Xiao Qing attended her and helped her to drink the medicine before she cleaned up the place. Wei Liuying had felt much better, but she didn't want to do anything right now. After the conversation last night, her mind was clearer, and she was in much better mood.     

Probably by thinking hard on unrelated things helped her to feel better.     

"Miss, Master is here."     

"Help me sit up, Xiao Qing."     

"There's no need to rise," Wei Hong said as he entered the room. His expression was still as stern as ever. There was not even a fake expression to show how much he cares as he merely looked at Wei Liuying with cold eyes.     

"Father," Wei Liuying greeted.     

Wei Hong nodded. "You should reflect on yourself. Whenever Prince Ji Shu come, you don't need to greet him now."     

"Yes, Father."     

"Good. You don't have to do anything. Just rest."     


Wei Hong could see the calm eyes on Wei Liuying's face, but he couldn't be bothered with her. He expected his daughter to be more sensible but looking at her now, she was still the same as usual. It was as if this incident didn't have much impact on her at all.     

After saying a few more things, Wei Hong left the room. Wei Liuying was resting on the bed as she closed her eyes again. Rather than thinking about her father, who only came to show his face, she would rather sleep.     

It was evening when Wei Liuying wake up and drank her medicine again.     

"The fever is still there, but it's not as bad as before, Miss," Xiao Qing said in relief. If it was still so bad, she would be very worried.     

"The medicine is good," Wei Liuying said calmly.     

"Miss, Second Young Master and Madam Feng are here."     

"Tell them to come in."     


Wei Hong Zheng strode into the room with Feng Chun walking behind him. From their expression, Wei Liuying could guess that they didn't really want to come and visit her.     

"Mother, Second Brother," Wei Liuying greeted.     

"When are you going to spar with me again?"     

"In two weeks, brother."     

Wei Hong Zheng furrowed his brows. His mother had told him the same thing, but from what he could see, Wei Liuying was perfectly fine. She still could talk with him just well. Why did it have to take so long just for her to recover? He wanted to have a partner to spar again!     

"Be patient, Hong Zheng. I'll surely search for the best sparring partner for you," Feng Chun reassured.     

"It better be that way, Mother."     

"Yes, yes, of course."     

Whatever Wei Hong Zheng wanted, Feng Chun would surely fulfill. Besides, when it came to things related to his study, she would spare double, no triple the effort to fulfill what he wanted. There would be no way she would make her son disappointed.     

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