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Plot Derailment

Plot Derailment

"Father will only return back later, so we should rest first," Wei Xiao Hua said calmly.     

"First Brother hadn't returned yet," Wei Hong Zheng pointed out. "Don't we need to wait for him?"     

"Ah right." Wei Xiao Hua glanced to the gate and saw Wei Yijun walking back with a solemn expression. Even though she saw that, her smile didn't disappear in the slightest bit.     

They didn't need to wait long as Wei Yijun appeared not far afterwards. However, his siblings were stunned when they saw his appearance. He didn't look like he was enjoying the festival fully.     

"First Brother, do you lose some money?" Wei Hong Zheng asked when he saw his brother's expression. Wei Yijun's expression looked as if everyone owed him at least a liang of silver.     

"It's not that," Wei Yijun denied. He greeted the four of them one by one before he told a startling piece of news. "I just got back from meeting with some people. Apparently, Princess Ji Xiaoli loved to look at ghost."     

This time, Wei Xiao Hua's expression stiffened. She looked at Wei Yijun with confusion. "What do you mean?"     

"Some of them headed to the Eastern Forest. It's known to be haunted, so no one dared to get close to that place when it's night time. But when they came there not long ago, they found out that there's Princess Ji Xiaoli's carriage."     

"That's all?"     

"What do you mean that's all?" Wei Yijun was displeased. "It's already startling enough that a princess actually like this thing. I presume that in the days to come, there will be more and more people coming to Eastern Forest."     

Wei Xiao Hua looked stumped with a weird expression on her face. She could no longer digest what her brother told her because in her mind, she could only remember the news. She didn't have any interest in the story that Wei Yijun shared about his experience in music.     

'Why is it ghost? I thought that it's supposed to be Princess Ji Xiaoli's tattered reputation.'     

Thinking about the plot, Wei Xiao Hua felt that something was terribly wrong, but she could not pinpoint what it was. Ever since she had started to change the plot a bit, she noticed that the events around her changed. But how come the change in her attitude lead to a big plot's derailment like this?     

Wei Xiao Hua didn't understand.     

Seeing that his brother was still engrossed in describing how beautiful the dance was, she excused herself first. She thought that her plan would be going smoothly as she managed to start attracting Prince Ji Shu's interest. However, the change in Ji Xiaoli's fate made her a bit restless.     

If the plot changed too much, could she still use her advantage to the fullest?     

As Wei Xiao Hua was feeling muddleheaded, she didn't realize that Wei Liuying was watching her from the back. Wei Liuying felt that Wei Xiao Hua was acting strange. It was as if she had hoped something to happen, yet what happened was instead something completely different.     

'Did she also have high information gathering ability?' Wei Liuying asked the question to herself, but she felt that it was supposed to be impossible. Though, it meant that she still needed to be more cautious as she didn't know how much Wei Xiao Hua knew about today's matter.     

If Wei Xiao Hua had some relationship with the bandits, her identity would be compromised.     

"It's already late. I'll excuse myself too, First Brother."     

Wei Yijun, who paused in his story, was pulled back to reality. He flashed an apologetic smile. "It seemed that I was too impatient. We can talk again in the next few days. You should rest too."     

They all exchanged some pleasantries with each other before Wei Liuying headed back to her room. She felt tired after engaging in those talks with Wei Yijun. Whenever it was about art, her first brother was simply too passionate.     

'I'll rest for now.'     

Wei Liuying didn't know how much Wei Xiao Hua knew or what her first sister's capability was. However, she understood that her first sister was very dangerous. She could only hope that things would be fine.     

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