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Preparation for Lantern Festival

Preparation for Lantern Festival

"I wish we can celebrate this, Miss." Xiao Yu held an aggrieved tone.     

"It's fine."     


"By not celebrating it, I don't need to see an unsightly view on this peaceful day," Wei Liuying replied calmly.     

Since she didn't really have any friend that could visit her during her birthday, why should she bother with it? Meeting her siblings only made her brain work harder, and it was really tiring. She wanted to have some rest occasionally too.     

Xiao Yu pouted. She wanted her Miss to gain more attention and preferably attracted some noblemen. In a few more months, Wei Hong would surely start to search for suitors for both Wei Zilin and Wei Liuying. It was not known whom he would pick in the end.     

A servant hurriedly came in. "Third Miss, First Miss is here."     

Wei Liuying arched her eyebrows. She waved her hand and stood up to head to the hall. "Bring her in."     


Wei Xiao Hua walked in elegantly and the two women greeted each other. From their expression, one might even think that they were two loving sisters who hadn't met for a long time and missed each other.     

"May I know the reason for your visit today, First Sister?"     

Wei Xiao Hua smiled. "Third Sister, today is your birthday. How come I don't wish you a long life?"     

"In that case, I must thank you for your consideration."     

The two women smiled and drank the tea. Their eyes were trying to read each other, but they found that the other party was simply too hard to read. It was as if their masks were too perfect, not letting anything out of their face.     

"Third Sister is not planning to hold a celebration?"     

"My Mother is unwell today. If I insist on having a celebration, wouldn't I be seen as unfilial?" Wei Liuying retorted back with a smile. It was always the same excuse every single year. If one still didn't understand that Feng Chun purposely did that, they would be the biggest idiot in the world.     

Wei Xiao Hua held an 'Ah, I see' expression. She looked at Wei Liuying with concern. "It's such a pity. But at the very least, I will give you my well wishes."     

"Many thanks for your care, First Sister."     

The two girls chatted for a bit more before Wei Xiao Hua left the residence. Wei Liuying herself also closed the door and returned back to her room. She sighed to herself. After Wei Xiao Hua changed, she became harder and harder to deal with.     

She genuinely wondered what kind of inspiration struck Wei Xiao Hua on that fateful day.     

"Miss, are you alright?" Xiao Qing asked worriedly.     

Wei Liuying nodded. "I'm fine. Where's Xiao Yu?"     

"She's watching First Miss's movement after she left the residence."     

"I see."     

Not long afterwards, Xiao Yu returned. Her expression was strange. She looked at Wei Liuying. "Miss, First Miss didn't do anything weird. She just returned back to her own quarter as if there's nothing."     

Wei Liuying nodded. She had already expected that Wei Xiao Hua wouldn't really do anything. Besides, it was also an unnecessary move to do anything today. Neither one of them was in a hurry for anything.     

Xiao Yu noticed that Wei Liuying didn't seem to mind. She heaved a sigh of relief and changed the topic, "Miss, what do you plan to wear on Lantern Festival?"     

"I'll wear a purple dress."     

"Purple?" Xiao Qing was surprised. "Wouldn't it be weird to wear that color, Miss?"     

"I don't want to attract attention," Wei Liuying replied.     

Lantern Festival was the most favorite festival for ladies. This was the only chance they were allowed to come out of their house without carriages and veil. They were allowed to blend with the crowd with only some bodyguards for noble ladies to celebrate New Year by lighting up lanterns.     

The street would be crowded, but everyone was excited. There were countless love stories that people often said when they were talking about the Lantern Festival.     

Who wouldn't want to meet the man of their dream?     

Xiao Yu's eyes glimmered. "In that case, would you like to dress up more, Miss."     

"I'll wear a veil."     


The other two servants whined a bit, which made Wei Liuying laugh a bit. However, she didn't really wish to attract any attention, so she would just stay low during the Lantern Festival.     

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