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Meeting Yang Xian Again

Meeting Yang Xian Again

Wei Liuying lowered her gaze and continued eating slowly. The number of the small glutinous rice balls in a bowl was not that many. They finished their meal at almost the same time as Yang Xian was faster.     

"Where would you like to go, Miss?" Yang Xian asked politely.     

"I'm planning to leave on my own."     

"I haven't paid the favor from you helping me back then, so let me be your escort today. It's dangerous for a young lady such as you to travel alone," Yang Xian remarked.     

Wei Liuying resisted the urge to roll her eyes, but she still nodded. She had noticed that several people were eyeing her ever since she came to this stall. If not because the place was crowded, she was sure that she would have long been attacked by them.     

Not that she was afraid, though.     

The two of them passed the crowded street to a broader area. All along, Xiao Qing was watching Yang Xian carefully, wanting to know what this man wanted from them. He just appeared so suddenly out of nowhere. She was still feeling suspicious.     

Finally, they stopped near a lantern stall. Yang Xian pointed to the stall, "Would you like to try some riddles?"     

"I already tried some before, so there's no need for more," Wei Liuying replied.     

Yang Xian arched his eyebrows. He smiled. "What is it that belongs to you? However, other people use it more often than you?"     

Wei Liuying looked back. Her black eyes reflected the image of the young man before her. "Are you trying to covertly ask for my name, Strategist Yang? I'm sure that with your intelligence and ability to gather information, you would have long known who I am."     

"Ah, you found me out." Yang Xian laughed, not feeling bothered in the slightest that she knew his name. He had thought that she would have guessed his real identity in a short moment if she was truly the one who wrote that book. For a young girl, she had the kind of vision that far surpassed ordinary people.     

"Wouldn't it be strange for me to not know who you are when you're so famous like that, Strategist Yang?"     

"You may call me with my name directly, Third Miss Wei."     

"I wouldn't dare."     

Yang Xian chuckled. This young girl is really rigid, but he didn't mind in the slightest bit. He looked over to the young girl, who was quietly walking while scanning her surroundings. Her pair of beautiful eyes seemed to be capable to capture everything before her as it was reflected on the surface of her eyes clearly.     

"There's no one else out here, so you don't have to be so cautious."     

Wei Liuying's eyes flashed. She clearly sensed that there were more people following them after Yang Xian appeared. From their position, she could guess that they were his guards. She looked up at Yang Xian with wonder.     

Did Shi Yan not tell him about her real capabilities in martial arts?     

Considering how blabbermouth that merchant was, Wei Liuying wouldn't be surprised if Yang Xian knew everything about her. In addition, she had quite the reputation in the capital city. If not because Wei Xiao Hua was worse and had been long known as the useless Miss, her name would have been infamous.     

"Would you like to walk around? There's still time before it's time for the fireworks," Yang Xian offered.     

Wei Liuying nodded. "Don't you need to attend to His Highness the Third Prince, Strategist Yang?"     

Yang Xian laughed. "No need to worry. General Sheng will be fine."     

The Third Prince's real name was Ji Sheng. Normally, titles such as general would be followed with their surname. But in this case, Ji was the Imperial Family's surname, so Ji Sheng was usually called as General Sheng by his subordinates.     

"Is it not dangerous for him?"     

"If you're thinking about the race to the top, it's still in the preparation period. At most, we'll only probe here and there," Yang Xian said uncaringly. He didn't seem to mind that Wei Liuying knew this kind of matter as a girl. Pointing to the lantern, he smirked. "Would you like to make a riddle instead of solving it?"     

"You can do that?" Wei Liuying asked with a hint of confusion.     

"Not all stalls, but I can ask for permission for this one. I'm sure that there are some lanterns that's not added with riddles yet."     

Wei Liuying didn't get the chance to reply as Yang Xian already strode over and talked with the stall owner. He borrowed a bamboo scroll and brush before waving his free hand to Wei Liuying, asking her to come over.     

"Do you want to write it?"     

"No need."     

Yang Xian thought for a moment before he wrote 'tian zhong' (middle of the field) for the first line then wrote 'hint: study the character.'     

"What do you think of this one?"     

Wei Liuying blinked then looked back at Yang Xian. "It's too easy."     

"You already guessed the answer?"     

"It's 10."     

"You got me." Yang Xian laughed.     

Seeing his laugh, Wei Liuying only realized that the young man looked more casual this way. However, she understood that this was the man that was famous as the devious strategist. One must not fall for his innocent look.     

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