Villain Lady



Yang Xian gave the riddles to the store owner, who was happy to have an additional riddle for the youngster to solve. He looked over to Wei Liuying. "How about you? Do you want to add a riddle?"     

"Let me borrow the brush."     

"Here you go."     

Taking the brush, Wei Liuying could feel that it was slightly warm. Even though Yang Xian only held it for a short period of time, it was already enough to transmit his heat to the brush. His hand was warmer than her.     

Wei Liuying pushed the thoughts to the back as she started to write.     

"I followed you everywhere for thousands of miles and did not miss home. I don't need food and water. But I disappeared when the sun set. What am I?"     

Yang Xian read the sentences as he smiled. "You're even worse than me. The riddles are so easy."     

"Is that so?"     


"It means you're very smart, Strategist Yang." Wei Liuying handed the brush back while the store owner looked at the bamboo scroll. His eyes gleamed in astonishment when he read the beautifully written sentences.     

Yang Xian laughed. "Are you sure it's not because I can see the shadow clearly because I often worked out?"     

Wei Liuying cast a sidelong glance and ignored him. The answer for the riddle was shadow. After all, shadow would follow you everywhere, but when it was night time, there was no sunlight that would help to form the shadow.     

The two of them walked out of the stalls again. They simply walked on the street until they arrived back in the busy street. This time, the people had started to walk to the front as the fireworks would start.     

"I need to go now," Yang Xian said when he saw a servant hurrying over to him. Even without hearing the message, he could guess that it was an order for him to serve by Ji Sheng's side.     

Wei Liuying nodded. "Take care, Strategist Yang."     

"We shall meet again, Third Miss Wei. I still haven't paid you for the favor that I owe."     

"You have already accompanied me today, so you can assume that the favor is paid off," Wei Liuying replied.     

Yang Xian shook his head. "That's not possible. I'm not such a rogue to the point that I forget your kindness, Miss. Please take care."     

Wei Liuying was unable to speak anymore as Yang Xian had already departed. Her figure stood calmly as her black eyes watched Yang Xian's departing back. At this moment, there was only one thing in her mind.     

'I'll be happier if I don't need to meet you and His Highness again in the future.'     

"Miss, would you like to return back?" Xiao Qing asked quietly.     

"Let's go."     

The fireworks were still playing vibrantly on the night sky, but Wei Liuying was not in the mood to watch it. She didn't feel that it was her place to stay here, so she quietly made her way back to Wei Family Residence.     

Behind her, Xiao Qing's body was tense. She clearly sensed that there were several people who were following them. It would be much safer if only they could reach the residence faster or it might not end up so peacefully.     

"Shall we deal with them first, Xiao Qing?"     

"Miss?" Xiao Qing was stunned. Her hands trembled a bit. "But…"     

"Cover my back."     

Wei Liuying walked to the nearby alleyway and lowered her hand slightly. Her eyes swept the empty area when a man suddenly emerged out from the darkness. He smiled ruthlessly. "Wearing a veil in this kind of event, which noble family are you from, Miss?"     

"Why do you care?"     

"Get her!"     

It was common for noble girls to be kidnapped because they have beautiful faces. Even though there was regulation to protect them, incidents often occurred. This was the reason why noble ladies were not allowed to walk around alone without guards. If they were sold, their fates would be even worse than many commoners.     

Wei Liuying's eyes were cold when she saw two more men emerging from the darkness. Tilting her body sideways, she evaded the attack. Her hand swiftly moved to the side and took out a fan from under her sleeve. Women often brought a fan, and it was not an exception for Wei Liuying.     

After all, she couldn't possibly bring a sword, so a fan would do.     


The man brandished his sword, but Wei Liuying had already evaded to the side. Her hand moved swiftly as she positioned her opened fan in front of her. She stepped to the back as the second man stabbed the fan. With a jerk, she closed the fan and twisted it to the other side.     


The man's joint was twisted to the other side as he let go of his sword, Wei Liuying pulled the fan to the air as it twirled along with the sword. As the first man swung his sword again, Wei Liuying caught the sword while bending her body to evade the attack within a few inches. Her hand lightly swung the sword as it made a slashing sound.     

Blood splattered and the first man looked at his nearly cut off arms with terror. The third man was too afraid to move as he stood stupefied when he saw his two friends were already screaming and wailing like crybaby women.     


Wei Liuying held the sword on her right hand while the fan had already dropped down to the ground. She looked at the third man. "Do you want to have a go?"     


"L…Let's go!"     

The other two withstood the pain as they rushed back to the empty alley. Wei Liuying looked to the back where Xiao Qing was still standing with a worried face.     

"Miss, you have blood on your sleeve."     

"Oh?" Wei Liuying looked at her right sleeve. There was a damp spot, but the color was unclear because it was purple. "Burn this robe when we get back later."     

"Yes, Miss."     

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