Villain Lady

Princess Ji Xiaoli

Princess Ji Xiaoli

Xiao Qing held complex emotion when she watched her Miss fend off the men perfectly. Normal ladies wouldn't be able to do anything as they would be too scared to even scream. After all, they were all living in a safe place with their parents tightly protecting them from any harm.     

However, Wei Liuying didn't have the chance to experience such warmth. She had to fend for herself and learnt how to be independent ever since she was young.     

Wei Liuying looked at the alley with a frown. She could see a shadowy figure moving in the alley. If she was not wrong, this direction would be heading to the small forest in the East area of the city. The forest was known to be haunted, so no one dared to get in when it was night time.     

"Miss, shall we return back?" Xiao Qing asked worriedly.     

"Wait for a moment."     


Xiao Qing was surprised when she watched Wei Liuying dashed into the alley. She had also learned the basics for qigong (movement technique), so she had no trouble to follow after Wei Liuying. However, she was incapable to fight properly as there was simply no chance to train.     

Wei Liuying entered the forest and glanced to the right. There was an exquisite carriage parked there and from the flag and guards, she could guess that it must be from the Imperial Family.     

"That's an Imperial Family carriage?" Xiao Qing asked in a weird tone.     


"Should we return back, Miss?"     

Parking a carriage in a place like this, it was clear that the person didn't wish to get found. If they pried into the lives of the Imperial Family and then get caught, there was no telling what will happen to them. It is highly possible that they have to pay the ultimate price for being so meddlesome.     

Wei Liuying's eyes swept the forest. She knew that the one from inside hadn't gone too far, but she was not sure where the person went. Her instinct was telling her that this would undoubtedly put her in deep trouble.     


Her ear caught the noise of people coming in, so she quickly stepped away and hid herself behind the trees.     

"This is Princess's carriage," A man in armor said with solemn expression. "Find the Princess. Don't let her escape!"     

"Yes, Sir!"     


Wei Liuying's heart grew cold. There was only one princess in Han Shi Kingdom, which was Princess Xiaoli. From what she had heard, Princess Xiaoli was known to be the model for many women, but why would she run away?     

The only thing that she could think of was the matter of marriage. After all, as a princess, Princess Xiaoli held a lot of privileges that many people could only ever dream. However, marriage was something that women in this era could never pick by themselves. Their parents would pick their partner.     

And for someone with high status, more often than not, it would be a marriage targeted to build connection.     

"Miss," Xiao Qing whispered while tugging Wei Liuying's sleeve.     

However, Wei Liuying acted as if she didn't sense it. Her eyes were watching the soldiers' movement as her brain calculated everything. Before Xiao Qing could tug her sleeve again, Wei Liuying turned around and dashed deeper into the forest.     

Xiao Qing was stunned, but she followed Wei Liuying. Her face was riddled with worry, but she couldn't say anything because she could see Wei Liuying was focused on the road as if searching something.     

For her, the leaves, sticks, and trees were all the same. However, it was completely different for Wei Liuying who clearly used them all to pinpoint the direction where Princess Ji Xiaoli left just now. Her traces were left behind all over the area, so it was not hard for her.     


The shout of a woman chilled their hearts. Before Xiao Qing could say anything, she saw Wei Liuying dashed faster.     

Wei Liuying didn't want to stop the princess, but she knew that the forest was dangerous. It was connected directly to the East gate which was guarded heavily, but there were a lot of tall trees in this area. As long as they could climb and find the moment when the patrol team was not in place, they could get out of the city.     

However, this place was mostly used by slave traders too. They would catch beautiful young ladies in hope that they would be able to sell them off.     

Princess Ji Xiaoli didn't know any martial art. As someone who was pampered and lived in the palace with so many servants attending her, it was not wrong to say that Ji Xiaoli would be very vulnerable. Even though Wei Liuying didn't wish to meddle with the matter of the Imperial Family, she didn't want to see any of them get harmed right before her eyes.     

"This woman is really beautiful," a man's voice traveled by the wind.     

"Let go of me!" Ji Xiaoli ordered with a harsh tone. Her eyes were red as she pulled her hand back with disgust.     

When Wei Liuying arrived, she could see that Ji Xiaoli was surrounded by several men. She could instantly guess that they were trying to harm the princess. Even though the princess was wearing a cloak and veil, it didn't diminish her beauty in the slightest bit.     

Her brows furrowed.     

Should she interfere and help or not?     

After all, Wei Liuying didn't want to get involved in the matter that was related to the Imperial Family in the slightest bit.     

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