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The Reason She’s Useless

The Reason She’s Useless

Wei Liuying only has two closest servants who attended her. First was Xiao Qing and the second one was Xiao Yu. The two of them were around the same age as Wei Liuying and have been assigned to serve her ever since she was young. As for their names… it was the result of Wei Liuying being too lazy to pick names.     

"Miss," Xiao Yu greeted with a smile. She was taller compared to the two of them, but her round face couldn't hide her childishness. At this age, it was simply a dream for them to have their baby fat disappear.     

"It's time for training," Wei Liuying said simply.     

"I understand."     

Xiao Yu quickly took a set of robes from Wei Liuying's wardrobe. It was a set of boy's robes with brown color.     

Wei Liuying took the robe and changed by herself. Xiao Qing only helped to prepare for the ribbon and ties. Before long, Wei Liuying had changed. Her hair was tied into a bun, and a wooden sword was tied on her hips. With this appearance, no one would be able to recognize her as the third miss in Wei Family Residence anymore.     

"Miss, you're as handsome as ever," Xiao Yu praised as she put away the accessories that Wei Liuying wore the night before.     

"I'll be going now. Reject anyone who comes."     

"Yes, Miss."     

With that, Wei Liuying slipped away through the backdoor. There were only female servants in her quarter, and even though their number was not that many, they were all very strict with the rules. It was clear that they would never allow a man to enter the quarter.     

There was a side door that was heading to her sibling's quarter. The area itself was quite covered with trees, making it hard for anyone to find this secluded place. Wei Liuying traveled within the bushes before she made her way to the door. Her slender hand pushed the door open.     

On the other side of the place, there were also a lot of trees. She didn't waste any time as she rushed to the right side where there was a small open area that was covered with trees, providing the perfect cover.     

The area was completely empty with nothing but trees surrounding it. In the middle of the field, Wei Hong Zheng stood with his wooden sword, swinging it around. He raised his head to look at his sister.     

"You're late."     

"I'm sorry, the guards just released me from the shed," Wei Liuying replied unhurriedly.     

Wei Hong Zheng snorted. He knew that the guards would only release her when it was morning. He readied his stance. "Come here and help me train."     


Wei Hong Zheng's eyes narrowed as he calculated the distance between the two of them. In the next second, his legs stomped on the ground as he dashed towards his sister. His sword swung rapidly.     


Wei Liuying blocked the attack, but she stepped back. Even though Wei Hong Zheng is younger than her by a year, it was also a fact that Wei Hong Zheng had more strength compared to her. Besides, her task was only to defend herself in front of Wei Hong Zheng.     


Tak! Tak! Tak!     

The sound of wood hitting each other filled the courtyard. The two children didn't stop even after a long time practicing. It was only when it was already over the time for lunch that they stopped.     

"You're still as weak as ever," Wei Hong Zheng commented.     

Wei Liuying smiled but didn't answer. She was not allowed to attack back because if Wei Hong Zheng were to get injured, it would be hard to explain what caused it. After all, this morning practice was a secret that their mother arranged for the two of them.     

Feng Chun wanted Wei Hong Zheng to become even more powerful, both in martial arts and knowledge. Because of that, she arranged Wei Liuying to be Wei Hong Zheng's punching bag once every three days. That way, Wei Hong Zheng will know how his opponent will block him if he tries those patterns.     

"Come here again in three days. Also, don't get out at all in two days."     

Two days?     

Recalling the news that she got, Wei Liuying nodded solemnly. In two days, the third prince, Prince Ji Sheng, would return back from the frontline. He was sent away to the north in order to block the Xiong from breaching the line, which was the reason why he didn't stay in the capital city. However, it would soon be the New Year celebration that signified the 20th year of Emperor Xuan's reign.     

Because of that, all the Imperial Family members were called back to the capital city for the celebration. As for their post after this, it was still unknown whether the Emperor would want them to return back to their original post or they would be moved to other places.     

All in all, the emperor has five children, and four of them were princes. The crown prince was already determined, but it was still unknown whether there would be a war for the throne or not considering Han Shi Kingdom's vast land. Besides, all princes have their own role in politics.     

"I understand, Brother," Wei Liuying said unhurriedly. She didn't have any plan to get out too unless she wished to get into trouble.     

Wei Hong Zheng waved his hand lazily. The two of them were of similar heights because Wei Liuying was fairly short for a young girl in development. Considering that she hadn't been able to eat properly, it was not that weird.     

Wei Liuying curtsied. She turned around and left using the same way she came here while Wei Hong Zheng hurried back to his quarter to eat his lunch then have his own training.     

It didn't take long before Wei Liuying returned back to her own room. Naturally, she had ordered her servant to not linger in that area because she didn't want anyone to see her. Her mother also disliked it if someone else found out about this arrangement because it was so unladylike.     

"Miss, you've returned," Xiao Qing smiled when she saw Wei Liuying.     

Wei Liuying nodded. "Prepare hot water. I need to take a bath."     

"Yes, Miss. I'll prepare the ointment too."     


Afterwards, Wei Liuying headed to the bathroom and took a bath. Looking at her body that was filled with bruises, Wei Liuying sighed to herself. Even though she had been trying her best, she still failed to block a lot of attacks over the span of the morning to afternoon. As a result, her own body was hurt.     

"Miss…." Xiao Qing looked like she was about to cry. Seeing her Miss like this pained her heart, but she knew that nothing could be done. Wei Liuying's status was simply too weak.     

"The ointment, Xiao Qing."     

"Here, Miss."     

Wei Liuying rubbed the ointment on the bruises on her skin. All along, her expression was calm as if there was no pain at all. People who saw her would even wonder if her pain's senses were working properly because ordinary people wouldn't be able to stay calm when they tried to cure those wounds.     

After a long session, Wei Liuying returned back to her room and picked some books before heading to her table.     

"Miss, this is the meal today."     

"Put it there."     

Xiao Qing watched as Wei Liuying began to eat with one book in the other hand. The book was about history and something like that. It was not a common topic for a young lady to read, but it was all the type of books that Wei Liuying was allowed to read by her mother.     

Slowly, Xiao Qing inched out of the room and saw Xiao Yu, who had been waiting with a tray in her hand. Her face showed worry.     

"Is Miss alright?"     

"It's fine. Don't disturb Miss when she's studying," Xiao Qing beckoned for Xiao Yu to leave.     

Xiao Yu passed another glance at the room before she sighed. Despite being the Miss in a respectable family like this, Wei Liuying's life was even worse than most servants. Many of the servants have a much better living condition compared to her.     

"I hope things will change for Miss."     

"When she's married, she might have a better life."     

"Are you sure?" Xiao Yu was doubtful.     

Xiao Qing merely passed a bitter smile. With Wei Liuying's status, her only option was to be married as a concubine or to be the wife of a lower official. And considering Prime Minister Wei's ambition, the first one is more likely. At that time, what kind of life would wait for her? Also, would Wei Liuying stay silent and accepted this treatment or will she do something?     

No one knew.     

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