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Chapter 1202 - Attending the Final Exams with Roommates

Chapter 1202 - Attending the Final Exams with Roommates

Chapter 1202 Attending the Final Exams with Roommates    


Chen Yinsheng had been jubilantly thanking Fang Qiu. In a twinkling, he sighed and said, “You have also participated in the final of the championship of the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. I think you must have learned something about the current status of our university. Unfortunately, only one person from our university managed to get into the top ten listings this year. The champion is no longer from our university.”    

Speaking of this, Chen Yinsheng kept shaking his head and sighing.    

The Young Chinese Medicine Doctor seemed to have ignited his current obsession.    

“President Chen.”    


Fang Qiu called him and tried to appease him after a brief pause. “Such nice things can’t keep falling into our university’s lap, right?”    

“That’s true, but it’s still a pity.”    

With a smile, Chen Yinsheng shook his head and said, “But our university won the championship once. You became the predominant champion. Honestly, the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor competition went viral because of you. Without you, how could this show become so widely welcome? The honor you won in the first season built our university’s reputation. It would be most desirable if you could retain the championship because it could increase our university’s popularity. Winning the championship three times in a row would be even better, which would help our university to impress the public. Then, whenever anyone talks about Chinese Medicine, they would think of our university.”    

“But, what a pity…”    

Having said that, Chen Yinsheng sighed with deep feeling, “Unfortunately, a candidate is allowed to take part in the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor competition only once. Otherwise, I would have let you participate in the second season and let you win the championship for us again.”    

Fang Qiu was filled with astonishment at his cheerful assumptions.    

Chen Yinsheng’s idea was weird and crazy. Fortunately, the rules forbade him to put it into practice.    

“You see, it would have been okay even if our university won second place, but we failed. Even if three candidates from our university finished among the top ten listings, it would not be bad. However, only one of them is ranked in the top ten. Could you enlighten me and free me from worrying about this result?”    

Chen Yinsheng lamented.    

“But Mr. Xu was in the show, wasn’t he?”    

Fang Qiu rolled his eyes and said, “Mr. Xu is my teacher. Couldn’t he be regarded as the representative of our university?”    

“How could judges and contestants be the same?”    

Chen Yinsheng rolled his eyes at Fang Qiu and immediately said as he thought of something, “But since you’ve mentioned him, I have a piece of news about him to tell you.”    


Fang Qiu asked at once.    

“Xu Miaolin is ready to start conducting courses,” Chen Yinsheng said.    


Fang Qiu was pleasantly surprised.    

Xu Miaolin was a legendary figure in the students’ hearts and the Chinese Medicine field. It was really a waste for him to stay idle all these years.    

Fang Qiu had always felt Xu Miaolin should pull his forces together and start afresh, continuing to cure diseases, save people, and cultivate Chinese Medicine doctors who might become as preeminent as Xu Miaolin when he was young.    

Fang Qiu had never shared his expectations with him.    

It was because he knew Xu Miaolin well. Xu Miaolin must have had a grasp of the situation and was aware of what he could do, so it was impossible to persuade him to do anything he didn’t feel like doing. But when he felt it was the right time, he would settle down to do the work on his own initiative.    

The time finally came!    

“Absolutely true.”    

Chen Yinsheng nodded and said, “Director Qi Kaiwen from your Chinese Medicine Department told me that Xu Miaolin called him in person to confirm it. You know their relationship. Since Xu Miaolin has agreed to teach, he can’t go back on his word. Even if he has second thoughts, Qi Kaiwen will force him to teach a course in the classroom!”    


Fang Qiu nodded in agreement.    

What Chen Yinsheng said to him made perfect sense.    

There was no way that Qi Kaiwen and Xu Miaolin would joke about this.    

“I have watched the entire final of the second season of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor. Jiang Mengjie did a great job at the show and won the championship on behalf of the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine. But everyone is focused on the high schools where you and Jiang Mengjie studied. As soon as the news spread, it overshadowed the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine. The sudden change must have pissed off the old guys working there.”    

As he spoke, Chen Yinsheng burst into a fit of wild laughter.    

Upon seeing this, Fang Qiu was speechless.    

Though Fang Qiu didn’t expect Chen Yinsheng in all seriousness to behave like a naughty child, he knew he was good underneath. Perhaps Chen Yinsheng laughed when he recalled the anxious looks of his old friends at the Jingbei University of Chinese Medicine.    

However, his loud laughter erupted suddenly, which took Fang Qiu by surprise.    

Soon, they finished their discussion    

Fang Qiu put on his hat and mask and sneaked back to his dormitory.    

As soon as he arrived at the door, Fang Qiu heard a series of clinking sounds coming from the dormitory.    

He pushed the door open.    

Zhu Benzheng, Zhou Xiaotian, and Sun Hao were busy doing a thorough cleaning.    

To ensure every corner would get cleaned, they had moved aside their desks, cupboards, beds, etc. Of course, their cleaning was only limited to their area. They wouldn’t touch Fang Qiu’s cabinet and bed without his permission.    

“As I said, the youngest would come back today!”    

Zhou Xiaotian said with pride.    

“You arrived just in time.”    

Zhu Benzheng chuckled and said to Fang Qiu, “Come in and close the door. Don’t let the other students see us. We can’t stand it if you attract many people here.”    

As he spoke, he hurriedly pulled Fang Qiu into the dormitory, closed the door, and even drew the curtains.    

“You guys also just arrived?” Fang Qiu asked.    

“We came a few hours earlier than you.”    

Sun Hao said, “I couldn’t get back earlier. There were too many things to do at the cultivation base. It’s not easy for me to have some free time on the first day of school. I’ll have to deal with more things in a few days.”    

“That’s right.”    

Zhu Benzheng nodded and echoed, “The junior year has just started, but we can’t attend these classes like the others because of our work. So, we are going to take the final exams with you. Let’s hurry and finish the courses so we can go back to work!”    

“Will you be taking the final exams too?”    

Hearing that, Fang Qiu immediately sized up the three roommates and asked suspiciously, “Did the school agree to this? Did the teachers in our junior year agree?”    

“Our application has been approved.”    

Zhou Xiaotian grinned and said, “We told them in our application letters that we hoped to get a fair chance. Since Fang Qiu could take the final exams, the school should give us an equal chance.”    

Fang Qiu couldn’t help smiling wryly.    

Although their grades were good, they were not the best in school. In this case, applying for the final exams through ordinary means was not easy.    

Unexpectedly, the three of them asserted that Fang Qiu could take the final exams in advance because the school had accorded this privilege to him. Based on this, the school had to accede to their request.    

“Are you ready for the exams?”    

Fang Qiu was curious.    

“Of course!”    

Sun Hao immediately said proudly, “We’ve been preparing for the exams for a long time. This time, many things have been done beforehand. ”    

“The youngest, be careful! We might surpass you.”    

Zhou Xiaotian smirked and said.    

“We’ll sit for the exams tomorrow. Let’s see who is better.”    

Fang Qiu said with a smile, standing firm against their challenge.    


Early the next day, most of the students were busy reviewing. After the summer vacation, they would have to face the new teachers and take new courses, so they had to do their reviews carefully. Then it would be easier for them to understand when they attended the classes.    

Teachers from different grades were different from those students.    

They were long used to seeing students upgrading to a higher level. Most of the time, they would make arrangements accordingly and make an effort to update the contents of their lectures. Some even directly took out their previous course lectures and just reused the notes.    

However, a few teachers who were teaching the seniors were full of enthusiasm.    

They talked excitedly about Fang Qiu back in the lounge for teachers.    

“It’s finally our turn.”    

“Yes! In the past two years, I’ve heard them say that Fang Qiu had excellent scores in all the exams each year. Finally, it’s our turn to test him.”    

“We can only meet a few students like him in a lifetime if we’re lucky. This time, we must subject him to the test to see how far Fang Qiu can go!”    

“That’s right. We must grasp this golden opportunity.”    

“I heard three more students had also signed up for the final exams. They seem to be Fang Qiu’s roommates. I think they should be capable.”    

“I’ve checked them out. Their grades are not bad, but they are not top-notch. The final exams may be a little challenging for them. After all, they haven’t officially started their third-year courses yet.”    

“Their first exam is the subject I’ll be teaching. It’s about time for the exam. I’ll go first. You guys hurry up and prepare your exam papers.”    

With this, a teacher walked toward the teaching building with four sealed folders.    

This time, the examination room arranged for the final exams was a deserted classroom on the first floor of the teaching building.    

In the morning, Fang Qiu, Zhu Benzheng, and the other two waited by the door of the examination room after breakfast.    

It was eight o’clock in the morning.    

The teacher arrived and called Fang Qiu and the other three into the examination room.    

“Could you tell me if the teachers after this are ready?”    

Fang Qiu asked before the exam.    

“Don’t worry. They are all busy preparing. Your next exam will be held in the next room. The teacher will be here soon,” the teacher replied patiently.    


Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and sat down.    

“We haven’t taken the first exam yet. Why would the youngest bother about the second exam?”    

His three roommates looked at Fang Qiu, puzzled.    

Students were not allowed to chat in the examination room.    


They would have asked the question.    

“The exam begins now.”    

Seeing that it was time, the teacher immediately took out four sealed folders, pulled out one piece of paper from each folder, and placed them respectively on Fang Qiu and his three roommates’ tables.    

Each examinee sat at each of the four corners of the room. Since they were far apart, they could not copy each other’s work during the examination.    

In this case, it was easy for the teacher to do the invigilation.    

The examination officially started.    

After opening the test paper and reading the first question, Fang Qiu began to write quickly on the test paper.    

When the teacher standing next to Fang Qiu saw his incredible speed, he was instantly startled.    

Then, he turned to look at the other three.    

According to the regular progress of the exam, the three of them were not slow, but they still couldn’t compare with Fang Qiu.    

Fang Qiu also took time to glance around. Seeing his three roommates immersed in answering questions, he nodded favorably in secret.    

It was evident that the three of them had come prepared.    


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