Martial God Asura

Chapter 5284: Conclusion of the Battle

Chapter 5284: Conclusion of the Battle

Chapter 5284: Conclusion of the Battle    


The Ox-nosed Old Daoist waved his sleeves. A wisp of aura flowed out before transforming into a huge monstrous beast. It stood at a height of over a thousand meters, and it was extremely beautiful.    

It was a Thousand Transformations Fox Demon.     

The fox demon was barely a meter tall when it first pledged its loyalty to the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, though it grew to over a hundred meters in height after it was infused with the remaining power of the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace.     

The strength of the fox demon could be gauged by its size, making it evident that it had made considerable advancements in its cultivation within a short period of time. Nevertheless, it was still far from its peak.     

“Milord, are we leaving now?” the Thousand Transformations Fox Demon asked.    

“We have already achieved our goal. The reinforcement from the Totem Dragon Clan will be arriving very soon. Things will get troublesome if we continue to dawdle here,” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist said as he looked at the horizon. He seemed to be able to see things that others couldn’t.     

He mounted the Thousand Transformations Fox Demon, and the two of them left the Skydomain Lower Realm in a flash of light.     


Meanwhile, Chu Feng was staring at the sky that had fallen still. Perplexed, he turned to the glowing woman and asked, “Elder, what happened in there?”    

He was curious to know what was happening inside the black aura.    

“Don’t ask me. I’m seeing and hearing the same things as you,” the glowing woman replied.     

“Allow me to decipher the situation for you, Brother Chu Feng. The demon monk likely has an accomplice, but the two of them had a falling out. The battle should have already concluded, but it’s hard to tell whether the demon monk won or his accomplice won,” Liu Kuo said.    

“As expected of Brother Liu Kuo,” Chu Feng remarked dryly.    

“Hahaha, you’re flattering me,” Liu Kuo said with a hearty laugh, thinking that Chu Feng was earnestly complimenting him.     

“Wu.” Long Xiaoxiao began rousing from her sleep.    

Chu Feng rushed up to her and worriedly asked, “Xiaoxiao, are you all right?”     

“I-I’m fine.” Long Xiaoxiao quickly put on a strong front to dispel his worries. She noticed the red box in his hands, and a smile broke out on her face. “Chu Feng, you managed to clear the red tower?”     

“Indeed. Brother Chu Feng managed to obtain the red box. It’s thanks to him that we’re all saved,” Liu Kuo said. He glanced at the white-haired woman when emphasizing the word ‘we’.    

The white-haired woman had an awful look on her face. She was bothered by her failure to scale the tower.    

“Little sister Long, what happened to you? How did you pass out? Were you so worried about Brother Chu Feng that you ended up fainting?” Liu Kuo asked.    

“I just suddenly felt a bout of sleepiness,” Long Xiaoxiao replied.    

“Don’t lie to me.” Liu Kuo refused to believe Long Xiaoxiao’s words and adamantly insisted on his viewpoint. “You must have fainted from worry. Ey, I’m envious of your relationship.”    

Liu Kuo walked over to Chu Feng’s side and patted his shoulder, saying, “Brother Chu Feng, you mustn’t let little sister Long down.”    

Long Xiaoxiao was initially touched by him, only to be rendered speechless by his following words.     

“You have to take little sister Long as your wife. You mustn’t take in too many concubines either. A thousand should suffice,” Liu Kuo added.    

Long Xiaoxiao glared at Liu Kuo. Even the white-haired woman also rolled her eyes at him.    

“Why are you looking at me like that? Isn’t it normal for a man to have many concubines? Look at how outstanding my Brother Chu Feng is. Surely a thousand isn’t overboard for him?”     

As if to seek affirmation, Liu Kuo even turned to Chu Feng and asked, “What do you think, Brother Chu Feng?”    

That question was a trap in itself. Chu Feng wisely chose to divert the topic elsewhere, asking, “How many concubines are you intending to have?”    

“I’m planning to take in a thousand concubines,” Liu Kuo replied with a smile.    

“Aren’t you a monk?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.    

“What about it? Monks aren’t supposed to eat meat either, but who’s giving a damn about it?” Liu Kuo replied.    

Upon hearing those words, Long Xiaoxiao belatedly remembered that she had feasted on meat and drunk alcohol with Liu Kuo just a while ago. She shook her head and sighed.     


A deafening dragon’s roar echoed from the sky, and an intense tremor shook the entire realm. Even Chu Feng and the others inside the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant were affected. The crowd quickly turned their heads toward the sky.    

“The chains have broken.”    

All of the black chains, be it the ones sealing off the realm or the ones that had paled the Totem Dragon Clansmen, shattered and fell from the sky. The black aura dissipated, replaced with a blinding golden light.     

It was as if the night had receded to the day, igniting hope in everyone’s hearts.     

The blinding radiance came closer and closer till the crowd finally found itself faced with hundreds of thousands of war chariots, flying warships, and humongous monstrous beasts. Countless figures were riding on them.     

The main army of the Totem Dragon Clan had finally arrived! They were much more imposing than the army that had fought with the demon monk earlier.     

The one leading the army at the forefront was a golden-robed elder.     

His silhouette looked insignificant compared to the majestic war chariots and warships behind him, but his presence lit up the faces of the crowd. Even Chu Feng had also begun earnestly assessing the elder.     

The elder had an air of inviolability that gave him a transcendental presence. The golden sword in his grasp shimmered ever so slightly, producing a hum reminiscent of a dragon’s roar.     

“He’s the one who severed the black chains,” Chu Feng said.     

He could tell that the sword was a divine weapon, but the elder was even more formidable than that. He was an extremely powerful cultivator whose prowess surpassed even Long Junlin’s.     

“It’s Lord Long Xu! We’re saved!”    

Relief washed over the billions of cultivators, and some of them even burst into tears of joy. They knew that their ordeal had finally come to an end. From their chatter, Chu Feng learned that Long Xu was the head of the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors.    

As the war chariots came close, the world spiritists of the Totem Dragon Clan quickly leaped out to treat the wounded. Long Junlin’s tensed face relaxed as well. Knowing that he could let go now, he released his martial power barrier and passed out.     

Upon seeing that, Long Xu flitted over to Long Junlin’s side to support him. Chilling hostility filled his eyes as he looked at the unconscious Long Junlin and the tragic plight of the Totem Dragon Clansmen.     


Long Xu waved his arm, and a light pillar rushed into the sky. It rose to a high altitude before abruptly exploding in golden brilliance, scattering innumerable humongous dragon silhouettes all over the realm.     

Once again, the Skydomain Lower Realm had been sealed, but this time, it was the doing of the Totem Dragon Clan.    

“Find the demon monk no matter what it takes!” Long Xu bellowed.    

Other than the world spiritists who were busy treating their brethren, the Totem Dragon Clansmen scattered in all directions to search for the demon monk.     


“Does that mean that the demon monk and his accomplice have escaped?” Liu Kuo asked.    

“It does seem so. You should leave now. Remember this, the Totem Dragon Clan has organized the Trial of the Strongest to open this remnant. You may say that you have cleared the trial, but you mustn’t tell anyone about what happened here,” the glowing woman said.     

“Why is that so, elder?” Liu Kuo asked.    

“I don’t want to waste my breath explaining it to you. Just do as I say,” the glowing woman replied.    

A spirit formation gate appeared, and Long Xiaoxiao and the others were immediately swept out and transported back to their respective towers. Only Chu Feng was left on the spot.     

“Elder, is there anything you would like to tell me?” Chu Feng asked.     


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