Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738: Lousy Temper    

“Hang on!” Lu Yun interrupted when he read the expressions on Mo Yi and the Dao King’s faces. “What’s all this talk about living and dying and whatever? If you two have time to make these grandiose statements, you should go up there and help Qing Buyi take those three down!”    

“There’s no point.” The Dao King shook his head when he looked at the three balls of light overhead. “Their primary bodies aren’t here, it’s just three projections. Qing Buyi would be no match for the three of them combined otherwise.    

“Of course, his primary body isn’t here either. He’s only here as a wisp of will. They’re all existences beyond sequence, but he’s stronger than them.” The Dao King paused before continuing, “His primary body is located farther away from us, however, so he’s only a little bit stronger than them.”    

“And you guys?” Lu Yun frowned. “Mo Yi created Ruina with a wave of her hand and made it the beginning and end of all of the seas. Is she less than them?”    

“Mo Yi is naturally much stronger than them, but she and I are heavily restricted at every step in this land. We can’t deploy our true strength.” The Dao King looked at Lu Yun and enunciated carefully, “Don’t ask further about Mo Yi’s affairs or even talk about her. You’ll know when the time is right.”    

“You know about my past?” Mo Yi suddenly turned to him.    

The Dao King nodded, then shook his head. She blinked and asked no further.    

The four wills housed in a strange pocket of space battled for three years before determining a victor. Qing Buyi won by a hair and crushed the other three, scattering their dao palaces.    

“Since you didn’t listen to me, Esteemed Nebula, don’t blame me for showing no mercy!” he roared. “My primary body is also in the outside realm and I’ll go to your home right now to kill you!”    

His maddened howl pierced through the barrier around the Land of Reincarnation and built into a massive sound wave that traveled to all of the worlds outside. The three who’d just fought him registered the words with dismay.    


Golden thunder and lightning ripped through the void over the outside worlds. A revered personage seemed to be caught in a fit of anger; his emotions dyed the space around him. The bolts of lightning coalesced into a thunder giant that ponderously strode forward to Esteemed Nebula’s home.    

“Qing Buyi, what do you want?!” A young man appeared to stop the giant. Black light glowed from his body and his hair was pulled neatly into a topknot. He wore black daoist robes that glowed softly, expelling all other colors in his vicinity.    

This was the light of darkness. No one had ever thought that there was light to be found in the dark!    

“Do you want to die, Moran brat?!” Eyes of golden lightning blazed in Qing Buyi’s thunder giant and he stared frostily at the black-clad young man—a Moran powerhouse.    

The young man’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the response. Although he was a heavyweight, he was far too weak compared to Qing Buyi’s thunder projection. While he had the backing of his clan, he would likely be stomped to death before he could form words to call for help.    

The young man was the strongest out of the previous generation and the only one to exceed sequence—Moran Xuhua. He was also nothing compared to someone like Qing Buyi.    

“I…” Moran Xuhua looked around uncertainly, regret already creeping into his heart for his involvement. His clan had withdrawn from the struggles over the world of sequence and were relaxed observers, but he’d stirred to action when Qing Buyi’s thunder replica passed through their territory.    

“Qing Buyi, are you throwing a temper tantrum because Esteemed Nebula found a way to enter the Land of Reincarnation and ruined your plans?” came another voice. It belonged to someone stronger than the Esteemed Nebula, but he sent his question through the void instead of putting in a personal appearance.    

“Hahahaha!!” Qing Buyi roared with angry laughter. “Who the fuck are you?”    

Startled, the voice choked and didn’t respond. Qing Buyi had asked him that in return because he really didn’t know who the speaker was.    

Qing Buyi was well known for his lousy temper and throwing hands at the drop of a hat. Most frightening of all was that no one knew where he came from. He’d suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but had also seemed to be present for a very long time. Many powerhouses had had dealings with him and even more had been beaten by him.    

“Esteemed Nebula? Please, he’s just the Nebula Supreme. A mere supreme dares turn a deaf ear to my words?!” Qing Buyi snapped out. “He shows up with two friends just when I’ve said that no one is allowed to enter the Land of Reincarnation for five hundred years. Do I look like a chump to all of you?!    

“There will be more who ignore me after today if I don’t kill that impudent supreme!” He turned around and yelled at Moran Xuhua, “Moran, are you here to stop me? Does that mean your clan is set on fighting for the world of sequence?? Have you made up your mind to be enemies with me?!”    

“Whoever is enemies with Qing Buyi is also an enemy of mine.” A voice suddenly traveled in from the far reaches—Chen Xiao. “While Qing Buyi and I can’t uproot you Morans, I can promise that from now on, not even a baby that leaves your territory will make it back alive!”    

Though he wasn’t here or even had a replica on the scene, Chen Xiao was perfectly willing to threaten the Moran Clan.    

“Only idiots would be enemies with you crazy hotheads!” Moran Xuhua barked out and left. “And, I only came out because you stomped over my house and interrupted my cultivation!” A weak explanation drifted in.    

“As long as you don’t stop me from killing the Nebula Supreme,” Qing Buyi snorted, then realized he’d unknowingly barged into a faction’s territory. He carefully shifted to the side and resumed pacing to the Nebula Supreme.    

His consciousness was locked on his target; the Nebula Supreme wouldn’t be able to escape even if he ran to the ends of the realm. Qing Buyi’s thunder replica picked up pace as he traveled, splitting into nine replicas that aimed for the same direction.    

Despair filled Esteemed Nebula’s eyes. He’d never thought that Qing Buyi would send a replica after him from wherever he was. Even a replica was too much for him!    

It took only the span of a breath for the famous Esteemed Nebula to be scattered across the void as dust.    

“I don’t care if you lot trespass into the Land of Reincarnation and I couldn’t care less if all of you fight for the world of sequence or other treasures. But whoever violates my rules will die!” Qing Buyi snarled after he killed his target. “The Nebula Supreme wasted three years of my time, so those three years need to be paid back a hundred fold!    

“Eight hundred years! From now on, whichever blithering idiot sets even a toe into the Land of Reincarnation within the next eight hundred years will see me exterminate his family and clan!”    

etvolare’s Thoughts    

I like how the two issued a round of random threats and then Qing Buyi was like, oh shit, my bad, your yard is it? Lemme just scoot over there.    


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