Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2873 - Advancement

Chapter 2873 - Advancement

Chapter 2873: Advancement    

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Down at the bottom, Du Fan and the others came to Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s side and said: “Hell’s Lord, Master said to let Gray Wolf, Leng Shuang, and the others to go up.”    

“Then go on ahead!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said. After he had picked up Hao’er earlier, he found a place to sit down.    

“Yes.” They responded and walked forward. Upon seeing that, Du Fan told them what Feng Jiu had told them earlier, and watched them climb up the Immortal Ascension Ladder.    

When it had been a while since they had come down the ladder, and there was still no sign of Leng Hua, he couldn’t help but muttered: “Out of all of us, I didn’t expect Leng Hua to climb the furthest.”    

Fan Lin looked up and said: “He has been by Master’s side for the longest time, and he was also trained by Master, so it’s not surprising that he’s able to climb further than all of us.”    

“That may be true, but when I think about him being the weakest out of all of us and yet being the one who has gone the furthest, I feel a little useless.” Luo Yu said and sighed softly, then he found a place and sat down cross-legged.    

“I wonder how far he can go?” Du Fan said, as he looked at the figure on the Immortal Ascension Ladder. They were able to see up to about a hundred steps, and they saw that Leng Hua was walking slower and slower, while their Master was following behind.    

“Hey, out of Leng Shuang, Gray Wolf and the others, who do you think will climb the furthest out of the four of them?” Luo Yu asked as he looked at the people who went up.    

“I think Bai Qingcheng and Gray Wolf will come down first, followed by Leng Shuang, and Shadow One should be the one who will be able to climb the furthest.” Du Fan said.    

Fan Lin shook his head: “Not necessarily.”    

“Not necessarily?” The others look at him.    

“Well, Leng Shuang’s temperament might surpass Shadow One’s.” Fan Lin said, as he looked at the silhouettes and Leng Hua above them: “You all know that before she met Master, Leng Shuang protected Leng Hua in order for them to survive. Her character must be even stronger than Leng Hua’s and even Shadow One’s. I’m afraid it will be hard to compare.”    

Upon hearing this, the others were silent. Maybe this was possible.    

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was sitting next to them heard their conversation, he smiled slightly while he teased Hao’er in his arms, but he didn’t speak.    

At that moment, a thunderstorm shot down suddenly from the clouds, and the rumbling sound shook the hearts of everyone below. When everyone looked up, they saw Leng Hua had already sat on the hundredth step crosse-legged and was receiving the lightning tribulation.    

“He’s already advanced?” Luo Yu looked at Leng Hua with envy. How could he advance by walking up the Immortal Ascension Ladder?    

“Yes, he’s advanced. Didn’t Master say this already? If you collect your thoughts before the hundredth grade, it’s possible to break through and advance after the hundredth grade.” Du Fan said and exclaimed: ” Leng Hua this kid is not only determined but also lucky!”    

“He has made a breakthrough in his temperament, mind and nature, so naturally he will advance.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said, his deep black pupils stared at them as he spoke: “If you can walk up to the hundredth grade, there is a big chance that you can break through and advance as well.”    

When they heard this, they regretted it. All they had thought of was that their Master had told them to do their best and not force it, when they felt that they couldn’t go any further, they could go down. Therefore, in their hearts, there was not a single one of them who thought that they could go further and continue moving forward. It wasn’t until they saw Leng Hua on the hundredth step receiving the lightning tribulations that they realised their folly.    

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