Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3395 - Real And Fake Young Madam Li (2)

Chapter 3395 - Real And Fake Young Madam Li (2)

Chapter 3395: Real And Fake Young Madam Li (2)    


Misty Cloud Translations      


Misty Cloud Translations    

“Anyway, there’s only slightly more than 20 of them taking part in the competition, so let’s not ask them to refine the Spirit Armament publicly. Why don’t we arrange for them to go into an individual room and let them refine on their own? What do you think?”    

Grandmaster Xiao was stunned and quickly asked in surprise, “Why do we need to change this? Won’t a public show of refinement ensure that no one cheats during the competition?”    

Huang Yueli casually explained, “This… the illustration that I’m giving out is something unseen before. I believe even if they wanted to cheat, it’s not possible. Refining in public would distract the Spiritual Armament Master and it would affect the quality of the Spirit Armament that was refined. We want to find a genuinely highly skilled Spiritual Armament Master this time. It’s better to not interrupt them as much as possible so that they can display their highest standard of refining.”    


Grandmaster Xiao frowned slightly. “This might be reasonable, but… Young Master Li, you’re still very young, so you might not know about this. Many fishy things could happen when Spiritual Armament Masters compete. Although your illustrations might be brand new, it’s still easy for them to cheat if they want to. To guarantee fairness, This Grandmaster feels it’s more appropriate for them to refine in public.”    

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as she didn’t know how to convince Grandmaster Xiao at the moment.    

What Grandmaster Xiao said was correct, and it could not be more accurate than ever. Even she also believed that doing this was the right way.    

But Huang Yueli had her reason for giving this instruction. It was for her convenience to do something on the sly… but she couldn’t tell Grandmaster Xiao so directly…    

Huang Yueli hesitated for a moment when suddenly, an idea popped into her mind.    

She bent over, clutched her stomach, and cried out in agony, “Ouch, ouch, why is my tummy starting to ache again? No way, no way, I can’t stand it any longer! Grandmaster Xiao, I… I’ll make a move first! Please remember what I just said…”    

Saying that, she disappeared like a wisp of smoke!    


Grandmaster Xiao was still full of doubts but seeing Huang Yueli running away to answer the call of nature, he couldn’t bring himself to stop her from leaving and asking the details.    

With no way out, he could only stand by the side and wait.    

Originally, Grandmaster Xiao was not planning to give up on making Huang Yueli present herself, so he especially stood and waited in one corner. But after a long time had passed, he still didn’t see Huang Yueli walking back.    

On one hand, he was worried that Huang Yueli might really be very ill. On the other hand, he was extremely bewildered.    

He thought, “Could it be that this fellow is very shy, so at this crucial moment where he has to show himself, he suddenly became awkward. So that’s why he found an excuse to run away??”    

Grandmaster Xiao kept pondering over this question, but as he could not come to a conclusion, he could only get one of the maids to check on Huang Yueli.    

At the same time, the competition could not be delayed any further. He thought about it, stood out as the competition organizer, and announced the official start of the competition.    

After he said that, Grandmaster Xiao subconsciously looked at the door leading to the rear courtyard.    

After that, he continued to speak, “Next, allow This Grandmaster to announce the official rules of this competition…”    

Hearing that, everyone threw their doubts to the back of their heads, and all of them perked up their ears, waiting for Grandmaster Xiao to continue. They were deeply worried about missing out on a single word!    

Just as Grandmaster Xiao was about to continue, a shuffle of footsteps came from the door.    

Immediately following that, the maid’s voice rang. “This Young Lady, please stop! Grandmaster Xiao has organized a competition today. Other than the Spiritual Armament Masters and their accompanying members taking part in this competition, no one else is allowed to enter.”    


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