Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 924

Chapter 924

Chapter 924 Asking for a Secret Edict    

“He’s an old cat whose ears are sealed and whose limbs are tied. Why would I need to be afraid of him?”    

“Only Tianyu? Sure enough!”    

There showed sadness on the wily old cat’s face.    

It was obvious that he was mourning for himself. He was at the end of his rope.    

Lin Mengya’s face was also full of sorrow. For a moment, it became more and more gloomy in the East Warm Pavilion.    

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t be too sad. I think that the Crown Prince’s sudden attack must have made you all unprepared in the capital city. Prince Yu didn’t know about it. I’m afraid that if His Highness hadn’t gone to the Ministry of War to discuss the matters every day, he would have been assassinated by the Crown Prince.”    

Lin Mengya looked relieved as if Long Tianyu had really escaped from death.    

She knew that the old emperor would not easily believe her words, but everything she said seemed to be true.    

Every day Long Tianyu went to the Ministry of War due to the order of the Emperor of Dajin. It was true that he was attacked suddenly and then led everyone to break out of the encirclement in a bloody way.    

Moreover, he made the scene look real. Long Tianyu’s personal guards had suffered heavy casualties.    

Even he himself was seriously injured.    

As for what happened later, it was chaotic. Who could figure it out clearly?    

No one knew that the guards, who had already been killed or wounded, were fiercely involved in the battle with the Crown Prince’s rebels.    

Therefore, the reason why Lin Mengya dared to talk nonsense in front of the Emperor was that she was sure that the Emperor would never know the truth.    

After that, no matter who he asked, he would get the same result.    

Which of those princes who stayed in the capital city and supported Long Tianyu immediately would dare to say that they had got the news in advance?    

Unless that person wanted to be the next prince killed by His Majesty.    

“That unfilial son! He, he can’t wait to get rid of me. He wants to get rid of all his brothers and take the throne!”    

The Emperor of Dajin was so furious that the veins on his forehead bulged. It was obvious that he was extremely angry.    

His big hands pounded hard on the table. It was as if it didn’t hurt.    

Eunuch Wang’s expression changed. He immediately knelt beside His Majesty and begged him to calm down and not hurt himself.    

In this short period, the Emperor seemed to have aged quite a bit. In vain, he leaned back on his chair, and his expression was terrifyingly darkened.    

Lin Mengya did not think that he was pretending.    

Because His Majesty had always been merciless to those who coveted his throne.    

However, his son was the rebel today, but it was not what he was most angry about.    

The reason why the Emperor was so angry was that he found that those who were loyal to him seemed to have changed their faces overnight.    

Back on the long street, if he didn’t have the remaining secret guards who risked their lives to protect him, he might have been beheaded by the people arranged by his unfilial son.    

But he didn’t know that the little woman in front of him was the one who arranged for those people to save him.    

Lin Mengya also knelt on the ground and said excitedly, “Your Majesty, please calm down. Although we are at a disadvantage now, the Crown Prince and his faction will fail in the end. As long as you wait patiently, I believe that Prince Yu will try his best to save us.”    

When she didn’t notice, there was a flash of light in the Emperor’s eyes.    

But soon, the light disappeared. Except for himself, no one could detect it.    

“Ahem, I’m old. I don’t care whether I continue to be the emperor or not, but I can’t fall into the hands of my unfilial son. Good girl, get up now. You are now the princess of the Nation of Lintian, and he won’t dare to hurt you easily. I’m incompetent and can’t protect you. But if that unfilial son really succeeds in his conspiracy, you must not confront him head-on. You must strive to survive.”    

The Emperor’s words were both loving and helpless. His high-spirited and vigorous face had long been covered up by his sorrow.    

Lin Mengya lay on the ground, trying to force tears out of her eyes, but she knew the truth better than anyone else in her heart.    

The Emperor of Dajin wanted to make use of her, and she was also scheming to make use of him.    

“Your Majesty, please don’t say such things. The Jin State is my motherland, and I grew up there. Now that I’ve seen Dajin become like this, I feel as if my heart is being stabbed by a knife. Although my maternal family is in the Nation of Lintian, if I recklessly lured someone in, I’m afraid that it will let the invaders in and let others benefit. I’m sorry that I’m incompetent and can’t help you solve the problem.”    

Lin Mengya’s words were sincere, and her words hit the nail on the head of the Emperor.    

In his heart, no matter what identity Lin Mengya had, Dajin was still her motherland. She would definitely be partial to Dajin.    

Now that Lin Mengya had said this, he naturally believed in her.    

“Well, you deserve to be the daughter of the Lin Family. I let you down. If I get through this, I’ll make it up to the Lin Family!”    

Lin Mengya thought that the Emperor might really think of her as a fool by giving her an empty promise.    

However, the expression on her face became more and more excited. Her beautiful eyes were full of tears, as well as a sense of determination and sorrow.    

“Your Majesty, if you want me to die, I will die. There are no grievances in my Lin Family. If you have any orders, we will fight to the death to carry them out.”    

She slammed her head heavily on the ground. At this moment, Lin Mengya appeared absolutely loyal to him.    

On the surface, the Emperor seemed to be in a dilemma, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of himself.    

“See? I know the Lins the best.    

“With just a few words, I can get them into going through fire and water for me again.”    

But at the same time, he was suspicious.    

After thinking about it for a while, he wrote a letter on the dragon table and stamped it with his jade seal.    

Then, he put the letter in the brown envelope and sealed it with fire paint. After that, he asked Eunuch Wang to hand it over to Lin Mengya carefully.    

“Child, my unfilial son is going after this country. But even if he gets rid of me, he won’t have a firm place to rule. Take this secret edict with you. If the country does fall, you’ll take this letter to find your father’s former subordinates. They will naturally know what to do. I will make those rebels and officials unable to get what they want!”    

The Emperor grew mad. His eyes, which had been filled with love earlier, were actually a little sinister at this moment.    

It was a kind of madness after being betrayed, especially for a proud person like him. He would never allow this kind of betrayal to happen.    

Lin Mengya did not take the letter immediately. She just looked down with a pair of tearful eyes and shook her head deeply.    

“I cannot accept this item. Your Majesty is the True Dragon’s son and naturally has the blessing of the heavens. This item will not be of any use to me. Your Majesty, please retrieve your order and wait patiently.”    

Of course, Lin Mengya knew what was written in the secret edict.    

It could be said that she took the risk with Baisu today for this thing.    

But at this time, if she accepted it without hesitation, it would arouse the Emperor’s suspicion.    

Lin Mengya refused repeatedly and even threatened the Emperor with her life, but he didn’t take it back.    

Instead, he persuaded her to accept the secret edict.    

Lin Mengya and Baisu left with the palace maids who came to deliver the food. The elite soldiers who had eaten and drunk enough outside did not make things difficult for them.    

The wind and snow outside were still blowing, and their footprints on their way here had been quietly obliterated.    

They lowered their heads and followed the others obediently. However, the lead palace maid, who was not afraid of danger, gradually fell behind the team.    

“Have you arranged well for the two maids who were with me?”    

She said that in a low but respectful voice, but her title of lead palace maid made Lin Mengya a little frightened.    

She rolled her eyes thoughtfully. “It seems that there are still some smart people in the palace.    

“Nothing can escape from these people’s eyes.”    

“Don’t worry, they won’t get hurt. I’ll get them back in a while, but please take care of them. Don’t let them be in danger again.”    

Hearing what she said, the lead palace maid seemed to be relieved.    

There was a rare hint of gentleness on her demure and dignified face.    

“You’re right. They were born into a good family, but they were unlucky to enter the palace and become servants. You’re an honorable person who does great things, so it’s reasonable for you to even sacrifice their lives. Now that you’ve shown mercy to them, it’s their good fortune. Don’t worry, they come from the same place as me. No one will know what happened today.”    

Because there were elite guards on patrol, the two of them lowered their heads and talked.    

While no one around was looking, Lin Mengya turned her face and looked at the lead palace maid carefully. She was touched by her words.    

Since the lead palace maid could still go in and out of the imperial study at this time, it meant that she was neither from the Crown Prince’s nor His Majesty’s side.    

Lin Mengya had thought that this person was a spy arranged by Long Tianyu, but it didn’t seem like the case judging from her reaction just now.    

Perhaps, there would always be people like them in the palace. They had no command over themselves, but they were smart people and would try their best to protect others.    

The Imperial Palace didn’t give Lin Mengya a good impression, be it in Dajin, Lintian, or Lieyun.    

It seemed that this most honorable place in the world was always filled with a tense atmosphere.    

But today, on this snowy day that was destined to be full of turmoil and blood, this lead palace maid gave her a warm feeling.    

“Everyone is equal in life. In fact, I shouldn’t make use of others casually in order to achieve my purpose. Sister, thank you for your advice. I will never forget your good deeds. I also wish you good results.”    

Lin Mengya secretly reached out her hand and shook hands with the lead palace maid quickly.    

The cool fingertips, as well as the palace maid, were stunned on the spot.    

The palace maid showed a faint smile. She had nothing at the moment, but her heart was filled with the warmth and kindness that this woman had given her.    

As if sensing Ling Mengya’s sincerity, the lead palace maid lowered her head nervously and pinched the hem of her clothes.    

She had never expected that this noble lady would say these words to her.    

“You’re indeed a nice person, so please don’t let your guard down. Otherwise, some people will be desperate to hurt you.”    


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