Zhan Long

Chapter 1345: Xia Xin

Chapter 1345: Xia Xin

Chapter 1345: Xia Xin    

10 am, the car stopped at the hotel.    


The door opened and Xing Lie held a sniper rifle and walked out in special forces uniform. He smiled, “Boss, the parking lot is safe, they are all ours. The lift is controlled by us too, just head to the fifth floor.”    

I nodded, “Be careful.”    


Axe held an amazing nano cannon weapon and smiled, “Wa, sister in law is so beautiful, boss you really are lucky. The few brothers envy you so much!”    

Lin Wan Er smiled, “That… Is the guild’s musketee right?”    

He bowed, “Sister in law, I am Xing Lie!”    

She smiled towards Axe and him and held my hand to walk towards the lift. As the bridesmaid, Dong Cheng hugged my other hand. Xing Lie and Axe both tilted their heads and said at the same time, “It feels like something isn’t right…”    


I headed to the fifth floor and when the lift opened we heard everyone cheering. They were all familiar people. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Song Han, Old K, Yue Qing Qian, Yue Wei Liang were all there. Not only that, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Simple, Yan Zhao Warrior, Mu Xuan etc were all here. Mu Xuan was dressed really maturely and walked forwards, “What a pity, my Little Zai Zai is being engaged with someone else, what a waste…”    

Yan Zhao Warrior laughed, “Stop being annoying, his father in law is over there watching!”    

Mu Xuan stuck out her tough and Lin Tiannan acted like he didn’t see anything.    

Q-Sword walked forwards and said, “I brought a few family experts from Henan and they are all on the 2nd floor, if Wang Zecheng dares to come, he will be trapped.”    

“En.” I nodded, “Our secrecy is not bad. The VIPs all handed over their phones once they came up so Wang Zecheng definitely wouldn’t expect us to shift the venue to the 5th floor. I will go down. You can come down too, the lift is controlled by all of us so that others can’t come in.”    



I held Lin Wan Er’s hands and walked slowly into the banquet hall. Yue Qing Qian, Yue Weiliang, Mocha, Li Meng Yao etc all cheered. Looking at how good Wan Er and Dong Cheng were, Li Mu, Wang Jian etc male guests all drooled. From looks, these two girls were far better than all the other female guests. Even Mu Xuan looked slightly worse.    

It was very quickly about to reach 11 and the guests strolled in.    

The MC was very familiar, oh… Oh right it was Fei Er, that game streamer. Lin Tiannan actually invited her. Fei Er was dressed in a suit and she walked on the stage, “Today is a huge day. Our china Region’s hero Xiao Yao Zi Zai is having his engagement with top beauty Cang Tong. Honestly, when I received the invitation I was really nervous as the pressure is huge. They are the brightest stars in the region and their engagement is something everyone pays attention to. I don’t know what to say so let me make it simple, I hope that they are loving and everything is fantastic!”    

People clapped. As it was an engagement ceremony, things weren’t so complicated. I took the mic and then held Wan Er’s hand, “Brothers, friends, seniors, today is our engagement, I am touched that everyone can come here. From today onwards, Wan Er is my fiance. Everyone enjoy the meal, I will take my leave first and come back later, we won’t get home until we are drunk!”    

Everyone clapped.    


I took a few steps back and entered the background. I took off my jacket and Xing Lie appeared, “Brother Xiao Yao, head to the second floor, the ceremony there is about to begin.”    


I took my gear and ran downstairs and when I arrived, another male MC walked over and smiled, “Why are you so late, the guests are waiting!”    

I entered and looked around. There were hidden snipers upstairs and the guests were all undercover. Of course, they prepared a fiance for me too, it was a 25 year old girl and she looked similar to Wan Er, just that her aura was much weaker.    

The MC lowered his voice, “This is the best girl in the army, Sun Xiang personally told her to act as Wan Er. If you think she is not good-looking enough then just try your best, we did…”    

I was speechless, “No worries, I am not picky during missions!”    

“Ha, that is good.”    

I took a few more looks and saw that there were many special forces troops Their makeup was similar to that of Mocha, Li Meng Yao, Yue Qing Qian etc. For this operation, every one put in a lot of effort. But if Wang Ze Cheng didn’t dare to come then all this would be for nothing.    

But with my understanding of him, he was really scheming and had always thought about Wan Er. Moreover, his west lake base was ripped apart by me so he hated me deeply. He had no reason not to show up here. If he didn’t then he would definitely be at the rune defense meeting.    



The micro earphones in my ears had Wang Xin’s voice in them, “All units please note, our helicopters have scouted 57 abnormal people entering the west lake district and will arrive in 20 minutes. Outer members don’t alert them, allow them to enter the hotel and then lock up all floors. No using the lifts, ensure the people’s safety.”    

I tilted my head and said, “Captain Wang, place heavy troops at the entrance from the second to third floor, don’t let them go up. Apart from that, arrange enough snipers at the surrounding buildings. They have claws that can allow them to climb, we mustn’t let them harm the safety of my loved ones. If they are climbing, use nano bullets to snipe them.”    

Wang Xin said, “En, don’t worry, I won’t let what happened to Shen Bing happen again. Damn, that dog, I will not let him leave this place alive.”    

This time Wang Xin’s emotions were a little out of control but anyone who knew Shen Bing was angry. Wang Xin treated her like a daughter and in the few days after her death, he rarely spoke. It was hard for others to understand his sadness. Right, such a cute girl died, nothing would be more painful than that.    



A voice spread from the earphones once more, “Captain Wang, 41 of them entered the building and 16 are left outside. Like what Captain Li said, they want to climb the walls. The signal is strong, one S Grade and 7 A Grade, the rest are B Grade.”    

“Confirm who the S Grade one is.”    

“He is wearing a mask, we can’t see him.”    

“Use all the cameras, use facial recognition.”    


A few seconds later, Axe’s voice spread out, “Boss it has been confirmed, it is that ass, damn!”    

“Don’t be rash, don’t disturb them, let them onto the second floor!”    



I held my luggage up and then pulled the girl beside me. She was acting as Lin Wan Er but she was obviously nervous and her shoulders were shaking.    

“Don’t be afraid, later just hide behind me.” I consoled her.    

She smiled, “I am Xia Xin.”    

“Hello Xia Xin.”    

“Li Xiao Yao.” She rested in my arms, “If I am injured, you need to be responsible, hehe, you really are like what they say, so handsome. Also, if I die…”    

“Stop…” I smiled, “This is my battle, if they come in you just hide behind, don’t come out before it ends.”    

“Scoff, you think too lowly of me?” She frowned, “I am top two in fighting in the special forces. I didn’t come here solely to act as your fiancee okay, I came to fight.”    

I laughed, “Up to you but I must be the one to fight.”    


I opened the phone and asked, “Scan, did they bring weapons?”    

Xing Lie said, “No heavy weapons, just pistols. Boss when will we attack?”    

“When he appears in front of me.”    




The door finally opened. Shortly after, a guy in a hat walked out and behind him were many young men in suits. If one didn’t look carefully, one would think that they came to attend the wedding. But I could see the bruises on their necks, that was what was left after they transformed.    


The hat was lifted and a very handsome face appeared. It was Wang Zecheng, his face twisted and he smiled, “Li Xiao Yao, you really want to marry Lin Wan Er? You nearly destroyed everything of mine and you destroyed my future. You still want to marry the girl you love?”    

He raised his right hand and pointed a gun at Xia Xin. he smiled, “Lin Wan Er you bitch, how am I not as good as him for you to want him instead of me. Since that is the case, I shall kill you too.”    




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