Zhan Long

Chapter 1346: Destructive S Grade

Chapter 1346: Destructive S Grade

Chapter 1346: Destructive S Grade    

A gunshot sounded out but the bullet was flicked away. I used my left arm to form Blazing Sun Armor to block his bullet while using my right hand to remove the covering of the luggage to reveal Butterfly. I grabbed the handle and slashed across. The voice said, “Action, kill everyone, don’t hold back!”    



Energy surged. That hit didn’t miss but it was blocked by Wang Zecheng’s hand. His arm was covered in red scales and his defence wasn’t low but still, a wound appeared. Even if it wasn’t lethal it was still painful. Moreover, the ‘guests’ all spread out and took their hidden weapons. Their guns all had silencers and they started to shoot. This was what hurt Wang Zecheng the most.    

“Brother we are ambushed, this is an ambush!” An A Grade Dragonblood Warrior shouted.    

“Charge out, find Lin Tiannan and Lin Wan Er!”    

Wang Zecheng retreated while shouting, “As long as we have his retina data we can unlock rune defence. I saw them enter the hall, Lin Tiannan is definitely still here!”    

How could I let them go? I charged forwards and my body sunk down. This strike caused Wang Zecheng to lose balance. He slapped in rage and black claws appeared on his fingers. How was he still a human, he was no different from a beast.    

The sharpness of the claw couldn’t be underestimated. I didn’t dare to face it head on and tried to dodge.    


The brick was pierced through and there were even no pieces of stone as they were all turned to dust. As expected, S Grade Artificials were far stronger than A Grade and they were even able to destroy matter. He laughed and his smile was really evil. His palm scratched the chest of a guardian team member which split the rifle into two. A wound appeared on his chest and blood spurted. He cried out and then fell to the ground.    

Wang Zecheng’s goal was simple. He knew that he couldn’t kill me so he wanted to kill the special forces troops around to vent his frustration.    

I chased and Butterfly was channeled with Blazing Sun Energy. I shouted, “Wang Zecheng you scum, your opponent is me so why are you running?”    

The moment I slashed, he turned around and spat out a green liquid.    


I used Flame Armor to protect my body which blocked the green liquid but when they fell to the ground they actually melted the bricks. Even the metallic rifle was melted. The liquid was just so corrosive!”    

Fortunately, Blazing Sun Power could block it.    

Gunshots could be heard all around as many artificials died to gunshots and blood flowed all around. Not far away, Q-Sword, Tang Qi etc challenged an A Grade Artificial and were actually winning. Q-Sword waved a blade and riddled one of them in holes.    


Tang Qi punched the stomach of a dragonblood warrior. That dragonblood warrior was really fierce and cried out. But Tang Qi wasn’t someone to be offended, he shot out a flying blade and it accurately stabbed into his mouth. Blood spurted.    

The A Grade Artificial’s lifeforce was really strong and his Dragonblood Warrior pulled out the blade and it was green. His eyes burnt in rage, “You brat, you placed poison on it?”    

Tang Qi sent another flying blade into his chest, “What is a little bit of poison? Why if you are unhappy then bite me.”    

The Dragonblood warrior hollered and then charged. He was hit by bullets but it was as if nothing happened. But Tang Qi wasn’t a fool and retreated. He hid behind a shield and the warrior struck and his claw pierced through the shield. Tang Qi spat out his tongue. This kid was so vicious, he pulled out a military blade and sliced it down.    


The dragonblood warrior cried out and his hand was sliced off by his wrist. Tang Qi was quick and was far quicker than other warriors. He snatched a rifle and stabbed it right into the warrior’s mouth. Before he bit it, he pulled the trigger and his head exploded.    

The dragonblood warrior’s body was impenetrable and even nano bullets found it hard to pierce through. Xing Lie and Axe relied on precision shooting at their eyes to kill them while Tang Qi shot through their mouths. Tang Qi knew his skills. In terms of close combat, he was weaker than Q-Sword so he had to use his skills. That was poison and hidden weapons so that he could win. Moreover, facing artificials, one didn’t need to care about fairness.    


In a blink of an eye, the artificials were mostly cleared out. 6 of the 7 were killed and one had his arm sliced off by Q-Sword. The only threat was Wang Zecheng. They probably created many but the few operations killed too many so these were all he had.    

I finally knew why he chose to take revenge on me and not go to Beijing. That was because the defence there was even stricter. Just that he didn’t expect us to be prepared.    

There were hundreds of well-trained special forces and there were also Tang Qi and Q-Sword who were peak Energy Controlling Realm. There were a bunch of bodyguards upstairs and even the old man was there so it was hard.    


Wang Zecheng was now like a dog without a home, he didn’t even care about his master’s orders. The only thing he wanted to do was to take revenge and destroy everything. What a waste, I wasn’t that small bodyguard from before. Be it people or strength, I could crush him.    

“Kill them all, leave non alive!”    

Three swords left three wounds on his shoulder. I ordered, “Avoid Wang Zecheng, his attacks are strong. I want to kill all of them without any losses!”    


Wang Zecheng rolled out and laughed coldly. He climbed up and looked at me, “Even if I lose my reputation, I will drag you down!”    

He charged towards a weight bearing pillar and stabbed his claws in like tofu.    

“What is he doing?” Xing Lie shouted, “Aim at him!”    

Gunshots fired but his skin was too thick and nano bullets couldn’t pierce through. Flames appeared on his arms and that pierced through the ceiling toward the third floor.    

Not good, he was searching for Lin Wan Er and Lin Tiannan!    

I charged and said in the device, “Group 3, S Grade target is heading over from the ceiling. Be prepared! Little Lie, lead people up the elevator to help!”    

“Yes Boss!”    


The third floor was also a banquet hall. The groom and bride were kissing. Wang Zecheng charged up and laughed before he spat towards the new couple. The MC was shocked. I jumped in front and formed a shield with Butterfly to spray the liquid around.    


I gritted my teeth and the flames around me surged. A flame armor spun five cm around my uniform. I charged with him towards the 4th floor. The guests behind me were shocked as they had never seen such a thing before. The groom was around 25 and he looked at my back view, “This appearance, this voice… Is it Zhan Long’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Oh my god, he is here too…”    

The bride was tongue tied, “Husband is that really Li Xiao Yao?”    



The 4th floor wasn’t a banquet hall but a sauna hall. Wang Zecheng broke out from the stone and terrified the middle aged man that was enjoying. But he wasn’t interested in him and he headed towards the fifth floor. I chased and grabbed his ankle, “Scram!”    


I pulled him down onto the ground but he laughed. His legs started to transform into palms and that broke his leather shoes. He kicked my legs and that was painful. I retreated and saw him jumped and starting to rip into the fifth floor.    

Stone spurted and his hand was already on the fifth floor curtain. He looked and saw Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Yue Qing Qian and Mocha.    

“This is… What?!” Yue Qing Qian pointed.    

Wang Zecheng headed out and he smiled viciously, “Wan Er, your real boyfriend is here to bring you away.”    


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