Tyranny of Steel

Nobody is Above the Law

Nobody is Above the Law

Itami gazed into a hand mirror and examined her face closely. It had been six years since she first defeated the Ashikaga shogunate and rose to power. During this time, she had brought her people into the age of industry. Despite that, she was still decades behind the Reich in terms of technological capabilities.      

However, over the past few months, she had been using the divine light of the Yata no Kagami mirror to foster exceptional talents within her scientific community as a means of closing the gap as quickly as possible.     

With the political purges of the old conservative government nearing completion, a new generation of talented minds had taken over to fill her imperial bureaucracy. These men and women were loyal strictly to herself, and would no longer get in the way of the War Goddess, and her plans for a mighty Asian Empire.      

Currently, Itami was sitting within the War Room of the Imperial Palace in the city of Heian-kyō. Every one of her generals, along with the senior officers, was sitting around her in a large square formation. Itami continued to apply makeup to her immaculate face as she glared at everyone present.     

She was not dressed in the traditional jūnihitoe, instead, she wore a female variant of the Army Uniform worn during the early days of her international conquests. Across her shoulder and down to her waist was a sash belonging to the Order of the rising sun. On her left breast were all the medals she had awarded herself for her years of battlefield exploits.      

Instead of trousers she wore a rather short skirt, with stockings, and knee high black leather boots. All in all, her appearance was very regal, but by a western standard. As for her Generals they were all dressed in the new uniforms based upon the Imperial Japanese Army from the second world war of her past life.      

On Itami's lap was a Katana, was a rather elaborate Kyo-Gunto which stood as a symbol of her martial authority. As she continued to apply her makeup, one of her Generals spoke up, with a rather stern voice as he could no longer patiently wait aside as the woman prettied herself up.     

"Itami-Sama! I believe we have waited long enough for your explanation! You forced us out of the field and ordered us to return home without the slightest bit of reasoning. As we speak, our soldiers could be putting down rebellions across our newly conquered territory! Instead, you have us sitting here in silence while you apply lipstick!"     

The moment Itami heard these words, she ceased her activities, and glared with her crimson eyes towards the man who had spoken up. He was an old bald man with a white beard. A previous member of the Samurai Class.     

He had been the man who had given the order to treat the Ryukyu people so horrifically after the Imperial Japanese Army had conquered their islands.  Itami quickly put her makeup away, and licked her cherry red lips before addressing the malcontent.      

"General Chiba Fusatame... I am all too aware of the activities you have engaged in abroad, and I have to say I am sorely displeased with your actions and those of your troops."     

The elderly general felt a chill tingle down his spine as Itami pulled out photographs of his crimes and tossed them across the long table, and towards his position. Before he could even speak to his defense, Itami's blood-red eyes practically glowed as she yelled at him with a voice filled with authority.     

"Sit down, and remain silent! I am not finished!"     

The man gulped down whatever words he had concocted to fake his innocence and did as he was told. Once Itami saw the fearful looks within the eyes of her Generals, she stood up, and slammed her fist on the table, nearly breaking it in two with her force.     

"It is not just General Chiba here... All of you, with the exception of General Shiba, have either engaged in crimes explicitly forbidden by my command, or have looked the other way as your soldiers engaged in them.     

Do you have any idea what the result of your foolish actions has been? The Germans have used this as a means of propaganda about our Empire to stir fears in the hearts of our neighbors. Nobody wants to trade with us, let alone align with us! Because of you all, our economy is facing a potential collapse altogether!      

This has forced me to completely rethink my plans for the annexation of the Philippines, and the Majapahit Empire. It is one thing if our ally; the Bengals behave in such an unscrupulous manner, but for my own soldiers to act as brigands in the field. I can only say the fault lies with all of you! For I know that I made it clear that such actions are prohibited by law.     

As far as I'm concerned, all of you are as guilty as one another. Consider your lives forfeit. From this moment forward you shall all be arrested, and publically executed in front of your victims and your soldiers, to live as a permanent reminder of what happens to those who violate the rules of war! I wanted to have the pleasure to tell you to your faces what your fate has become. Guards! Arrest these men, all but General Shiba!"     

Immediately after saying this, hundreds of Itami's personal guard entered the large war room, and pointed their semi-automatic rifles, and bayonets towards the various Generals, and senior officers. Even Shiba was surprised by the actions which Itami had taken on this day. He tried to climb out of his seat and dissuade her, but it was no use.     

"Itami-sama, I would advise against this. If you-"     

Before he could finish, Itami unsheathed her blade and pointed it toward's Shiba's neck with a fierce glare in her crimson eyes.     

"Shiba-kun, sit down and know your place, or I will have you executed along with the rest of these war criminals!"     

Shiba nearly pissed his pants upon hearing this and immediately did as he was instructed. As for Itami, she had one last penalty in mind which she was quick to voice.     

"As if at this moment, every single one of you is stripped of all titles and honors that were previously held. Your families shall no longer be subject to the privileges associated with them. I want you all to reflect on your actions before the executioner takes your heads. Guards, take them away!"     

It was only after the war criminals were no longer in sight that Itami sighed heavily and poured herself a glass of sake. It was at this moment that Shiba approached Itami and lectured her on her actions.     

"Itami-sama, what have you done? Those were our generals! Who shall lead our men into battle now?"     

In response to this, Itami merely scoffed before retorting to Shiba's words.     

"It is an entirely new generation of warfare. Believe me when I say having some fresh minds in charge will be a good thing. Less to forget, so to speak... The Empire of Japan is one of conscience or not at all. I refuse to tolerate such horrendous actions by the soldiers in my army. Let this be a lesson to the men beneath my command. Nobody is above the law! You are dismissed Shiba-kun, have a nice night..."     

After saying this, Itami left Shiba alone in the war room all by himself, and returned to her room, where she was quick to disrobe, and hop in bed with her Julian-sized pillow. She wrapped her arms around the object and sighed heavily before whispering to it in a melancholic tone.      

"Julian, did I do the right thing?"     

Having said this, Itami drifted slowly into a deep sleep, and would not awaken until the next morning.      

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