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Chapter 625: Ah

Chapter 625: Ah

Chapter 625: Ah    


After Summer Ice was triggered by Lin Xi, her face was ashen white. One must know that since coming to Dragonrider Hall, she was loved and respected by everyone. Peng Haoren and Fang Baiyu all praised her looks and skills which made her think that she was an archer expert. However, Lin Xi’s words destroyed her confidence.    

In the next second, she charged out from Peng Haoren and Male Bear’s protection. She used basic attack+Shockwave arrow+basic attack+Meteor Arrow+basic attack. Her five shots were done within 1.5 seconds and it was quite decent. Unfortunately she was facing Lin Xi!    

Under White Star state, Lin Xi was covered in silver light. She locked onto the arrow’s trajectory and speed. She waved her Fallen Frost Sword and the three basic attacks were hit aside by Lin xi. The two skills couldn’t be smacked away but with the white deer’s movement, she was hit by one and the meteor arrow was dodged.    

Only one of the five hit and the rest all missed. This 20% accuracy. Not mentioning grandmaster Summer Ice, even a diamond archer would think its an insult. After all, archers were an agility based job and agility increased accuracy. For someone to style on them like that was just unimaginable!    


In the next moment, Lin Xi attacked. The Heaven Umbrella sword turned into sharp blades that shot forwards. Her right hand sunk down and she used Bladestorm which swept at her.    

“Sister Ice be careful!”    

Peng Haoren was shocked.    

Summer Ice was hit three times and her health bottomed out. However, her mechanics were still there and she jumped back to open up the distance. But before she was able to feel lucky, a golden mark descended from the sky!    

Ancient Totem!    



Lin Xi definitely knew that it wouldn’t be easy to kill Summer Ice which was protected so her Heaven Sword Umbrella and Bladestorm were both deceptive. The only killing move was Ancient Totem. She wanted to make her move and then kill her!    



Dragonrider Hall panicked. When they saw her fall, their faces turned green, “Sister Ice was killed… Damn, Lin Xi is really Lin Xi…”    

“Charge, insta kill her!”    

Wines and Poem’s mouth twitched and he shouted, “What are you all doing? A Lin Xi can block all of you? Quickly kill her. The rest wrap around and steal the boss, there isn’t much time left!”    

Thus, we were surrounded by Dragonrider Hall including Male Bear, Peng Haoren and Fang Baiyu. Summer Ice’s death made them enraged.    

As time went on, Gu Ruyi, Shen Mingxuan and Heaven Timber dealt huge damage. Along with mine, the beast was down to 2%. The Dragonrider Hall members either had to charge at Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi or head toward the boss. No one tried to find me. 40-50 people charged into the boss’s range.    

“Attack, take down the boss’s items!”    

Peng Haoren led the way and his eyes were filled with greed, “Chaotic Grade Boss’s third kill will belong to us, charge brothers!”    

The boss’s 2% health was just a few seconds.    


Right when everyone charged and surrounded the boss, I raised my palm and used Muddy Waters. Everyone lost vision and the ability to cast skills!    


Seven Star Blade shone bright and the special skill was triggered– Seven Star Chaos. All of a sudden, meteors descended from above and dealt damage to the boss and the players. At the same time, I used Apprehension and a bunch of them fell!    


Peng Haoren shouted, “Muddy Waters, I can’t see anything. Male Bear use invincibility and retreat!”    

“Let’s go!”    

The two of them were covered in gold and they fled. Although they couldn’t see and hit their party members but they were able to escape. At that moment, I raised my left hand and used Dragon Will to take away its last bit of health. I kept the boss’s gear and a bell rang out. Finally, the ten of us had reached our goal for the night–    


System Notification: Congratulations player July Wildfire’s team for killing Purple Flame Lightning Beast (Chaotic Grade Boss), obtaining third kill. Among them, player July Wildfire completed the most, and obtained rewards: Level +2, charm +8, dragon region points +28000, gold +80000. Other members are Lin Xi, Follow Heart, Bright Moon, Light Frost, Heaven Timber, Heaven Morque, Little Bell, Light Lotus, Mundane Slaughter, obtained on average 50% rewards, let us congratulate them!    


“Not bad, got the third kill!”    

Mundane Slaughter was delighted, “Hahhaa, it made up for the level I dropped. Great, now what, kill or find a chance to back out?”    

“Kill!” Lin Xi and I said at the same time.    


Shen Mingxuan shot while saying, “Since Dragonrider Hall people dare to offend us, then let them know the price for that. Eastern Skill soldier, Heart’s Desire, Summer Ice are all killed by Ah Li and Lin Xi. The rest is up to us, kill all their main force!”    


Muddy Waters disappeared and both Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi had 60% health. Orange Night and White Bird did well. Without them, Shen Mingxuan and Ruyi have died many times. Especially White Bird, she had a higher attack than Orange Night and her sword swept many Dragonrider Hall experts.    

Orange Night was down to 11% health and White Bird had 35%. Players dealt high damage to the puppets but fortunately, it was them. If it was another grade six puppet, they would have been destroyed!    


After keeping the two puppets, I sucked in a deep breath and smiled, “Lin Xi I am here to help you–”    

“Come quickly!”    

She retreated with her sword. Dragonrider Hall’s focus fire was really intense such that she was down to 19% health. Heaven Morque was worse at 7%. Fortunately for his help, if not Lin Xi would have died.    


The moment I used Darkness Transformation, I started to stack swallow soul. Male Bear and Peng Haoren’s invincibility disappeared and were afraid that they got chased so they avoided me to heal up. There was no one of a threat to me. Heart’s Desire and Eastern Skill Soldier were dead. Male Bear and Peng Haoren had low health. All that was left was Ghostwalker, Fang Baiyu, Wines and Poems etc that weren’t strong enough.    


“Heal Lin Xi!”    

Heaven Morque didn’t care about his own health and used Healing Hammer+Saint Light Technique+Envoy of LIght to heal her. Along with Little Bell’s recovery, in just three seconds her health was back up to 80%. She charged with the white deer and ordered, “Assist Lu Li, scatter their formation!”    


In the next moment, Lin Xi brought White Deer and Ancient Totem into the battlefield. After a strike, their cavalry formation started to loosen. When Gu Ruyi used Lightning Dragon Storm+Ice Dragon Explosion, and Shen Mingxuan triggered Shockwave Boom thrice, they started to break down.    

At this moment, Dragonrider Hall members’ faces were ashen white. All of them were woken up by that battle. The era of numbers had gone. Now it was the era of high grade equipment and skills. In front of players with Chaotic Grade gear, all orange equipment was useless. Just three people from With You were enough to crush the hundred of Dragonrider Hall. This was an uncontested truth.    



Peng Haoren’s face was about to turn green, “There is no point in continuing. Boss, give the order to retreat or more of us will die!”    

Wines and Poems was a decisive person. He raised his sword and said, “Retreat. July Wildfire’s Swallow Soul effect has stacked. This loss isn’t on us, it is because my commanding isn’t good. We should just focus fire and killed July Wildfire and not let the tougher Lin Xi absorb all of our firepower!”    


Peng Haoren pulled his reins and ran at the front, “With You let’s wait and see. Dragonrider Hall and With You’s animosity has been established. All of you will have to suffer!”    

“Still shouting words?!”    

Lin Xi rode the White Deer and ran the quickest. After a charge, she got close to Peng Haoren and she raised her hands, “Ancient Totem!”    


Peng Haoren hollered. He used Assault to flee.    


“Brother balls is a piece of trash…”    

Heaven Morque and Heaven Timber laughed at one another.    


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