Zhan Yue

Chapter 626: Light Cavalry

Chapter 626: Light Cavalry

Chapter 626: Light Cavalry    

“Can’t even take a hit!”    

After chasing for a while, Dragonrider Hall lost half of its numbers. It was hard to imagine how a few hundred lose to 9 people. Looking at them back off, Mundane Slaughter mocked, “I thought they could hold on until I came, in the end, things are like this.”    

“No choice, Guild Leader’s Ancient Totem is too strong, she is insta killing people…” Heaven Timber said.    

Mundane Slaughter laughed, “What now?”    

“The kill reward is obtained, let’s retreat.”    

Lin Xi held her sword and said, “I will cover everyone, let’s go.”    


Everyone crushed the City Return Scroll. I glanced around and with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I didn’t see an Assassin at all. Eastern Skill Soldier and Heart’s Desire was probably terrified and they didn’t dare to come anymore.    

“Lin Xi we are heading back, going offline to eat supper.”    



Back to the city, went offline.    

The supper was seafood porridge. My phone rang and I saw that it was from Jack. I placed the spoon down and went to the roof.    

“Hi Jack, what is it?”    


His voice was really dejected and it had a bit of a crying tone, “Lu, my teacher… My teacher Professor Shawn, he was killed in LA in the morning…”    


My body shook and that professor appeared in my mind. I frowned, “How did that happen?”    

“I don’t know, I am in a mess now.”    

Jack cried, “I only know… His car was destroyed by a precision weapon and we don’t know who did it yet… But I think that our research is being targetted…”    

I frowned, “The professor was assassinated. His world collision theory has enraged some people. Jack what are you planning now?”    

“I don’t know… I don’t know…” He was about to collapse, “I don’t dare to go to the lab or go home, I…”    

I sucked in a deep breath, “Request for police protection. In the next period of time, you need to publicly break away from the organisation if not you will be in danger.”    


Jack said, “Lu, can’t I do more?”    

“No need, you need to protect yourself. As for other things, naturally people will do them.”    

“En, I know…”    

After consoling him, I hung up and instantly the mood was heavy.    


I returned to the second floor to drink porridge but the seafood porridge became tasteless. Professor Shawn’s assassination, a renowned researcher was killed just like that. One could imagine how huge the powers behind were. At that moment, I was at a loss. I thought of that person in the inflection point, that person who said that he was a guide. Maybe he wasn’t a person but a life force.    

Has its energy entered human society?    

Thinking about that, I felt very heavy. But what was worth consoling was that there wasn’t any in china. KDA’s presence showed everything.    

“Lu Li what is it?”    

Lin Xi saw that I wasn’t focused and smiled, “Why do I think that you are lost? Who called?”    

“A friend from America.”    

I frowned and smiled, “Nothing, just that something happened there. It has nothing to do with us.”    

“En, that’s good. We still need to wake up early to level, sleep early.”    



Night, I laid on my bed and felt like there were a thousand thoughts in my mind. I even didn’t know who I had to face. As for others, I couldn’t ask them. I was afraid that there was just a handful of people who knew about this and I was just one of the few high enough to come into contact.    

I suddenly recalled that super engine in my lab, the one that each glory helmet had. Because of that, I obtained Blazing Sun power and obtained the ninth meridian. Where did it come from, and how was it connected to Destiny Corporation’s higher ups? I had no way to search. Since I left, I couldn’t come into contact with the company’s secret code.    

I raised my head and looked outside. If this continued, when would I be able to unravel the mystery? When will I bring Han Yixiao and Senior Brother Li Xiao Yao back to our world?    

I thought about all that and slowly fell asleep.    


The next day, it was eight am when I woke up. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan went to buy breakfast. Upstairs, we surrounded the table to eat. I looked at the news and things were about safety and there was nothing about underworldly beings. Most of the people didn’t even know about their presence and they used some excuses to cover the previous few cases.    

“What plans do you have today?” Shen Mingxuan asked.    

“No plans.”    

Lin Xi drank soya bean and said, “Level army rank, if not what? What about you Lu Li?”    

I thought about it, “I am going to build Dragon Region…”    

Lin Xi, “…”    

Shen Mingxuan, “…”    

Gu Ruyi blinked her eyes, “Lu Li hasn’t played with us in a long time.”    

“Wasn’t I with all of you last night?” I said.    

“Less than one hour.” She raised a finger.    

I smiled awkwardly, “Okay, once I build Dragon Region then I will play with all of you. Moreover, with Lin Xi accompanying you, life is so good. You don’t need me!”    

Gu Ruyi stared at me and stopped.    

Mingxuan said, “Then go and build Dragon REgion. Lin Xi and Ruyi have me.”    

“Tough on you then auntie shen—”    

“Scram you irresponsible guy!”    



After eating breakfast, I went online and continued to work hard in Dragon Region.    

To me, the only way to come into contact and understand that world was through the Starlight Quest. If I was not strong enough, I wouldn’t be able to see it at all. So no matter what I had to make myself the top player to have right to see everything.    


I teleported to Dragon Region. The scenes changed from the sunny Winter Sun City to the snowy Dragon Region. Not far away one could hear heavy horse hoove sounds as many Dragon Region soldiers rode their horses to train cavalry techniques and formation techniques. Not far away, Lin Mu held his blade and was observing them. Behind him were generals with stars. Even Lin Mu had two stars on his shoulder. Dragon Region had started to follow the human army system.    

“July Wildfire!”    

Lin Mu turned towards me and smiled, “Back to Dragon Region?”    


I walked forwards and looked at the numerous Dragon Region soldiers, “Sir Lin Mu, are you training the troops?”    


Lin Mu nodded and smiled, “Source White Dragon hates the undead cavalries and think that their death energy is too thick. Moreover, the numerous of undead cavalries are reducing so if we want to maintain our strength, we need to train more cavalries if not we won’t be able to battle with the dimension legion.”    

I nodded and looked into the distance, “They look decent.”    


Lin Mu smiled, “These human race kids are all pumped up. The moment they became members of Dragon Region, they are all selected by the heavens. As for these horses, most of them come from Dongxing Province’s desert region. For the first batch, Zhenyang Duke gave us 5000 horses, he is such a nice person!”    


I was speechless, “Zhenyang Duke is so direct so naturally he is a good guy. If it was someone else, they might reduce the number of things given, which would make Dragon Region suffer.”    

“Shush you jinx, don’t say such things.” He laughed, “Do you know? Source White Drago has high demands for the Dragonriders. He wants them to be able to compare to heaven cavalries if not they won’t have the rights to become legendary dragonriders.”    

“Human race dragonriders?” I was shocked.    


Lin Mu smiled, “Do you know how tough it is? In the human system, Xuanyuan Empire cavalries are just low grade cavalries. Next is mid grade and then grand cavalry, earth cavalry. Earth Cavalry is strong enough. One human city might not have more than ten. As for heaven cavalries, there are so few of them. There isn’t more than 100 in the entire Dongxing Province.”    

I was excited, “Then above that?”    

“Light Cavalry.”    

Lin Mu laughed, “Legendary cavalries, Light God Hall protectors. To become a Light Cavalry has too many demands. Legend has it that they are really strong that they can battle against Sword Saints. You can imagine how strong they are.”    

I said, “Sir, can you compare to Light Cavalries?”    

“Not yet.”    

His gaze was solemn, “Even if I can compare to them, I can’t become a Light Cavalry, such a person… Are the ones exiled by them.”    

He was actually a little sad.    


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