The Righteous Player(s)

Chapter 437: Isaac Flamel

Chapter 437: Isaac Flamel

Chapter 437: Isaac Flamel    

[Pain Synchronization] and [Page Lock].    

They were all spells that did not require projectiles and could lock on a target immediately.    

The reason being Clarence knew that spells with a trajectory would be intercepted by the soul under Bernardino’s control.    

Clarence withdrew his index finger from his temple after limiting Bernardino’s actions.    

He lowered his body calmly, avoiding a Soul Arrow that would shoot toward the area between his eyebrows in the next moment.    

Then, he drew the line at the center of his forehead with his blood-stained nails.    

It resembled a third eye.    

“[Hell descends]…” Clarence chanted in a low voice, “[We are the hells of others].”    

Chaos Spell: Malicious Fluctuations!    

Gray waves radiated with him as the center.    

The storm blew away and shattered the reagents in the study. Those transparent spiritual bodies that silently approached Clarence were also wrapped in the power of this blast wave and blown away together.    

The attack was immense malice visible to the naked eye, wrapped in a violent curse.    

The incantation was known to instantly drive an ordinary person crazy and make the Bronze Rank Transcender vomit to the point of being incapacitated. The attack was a materialized malicious shockwave.    

The attack was useless for transcenders above Silver Rank, but it was a soul-based shock that could at least blow away the spirits with no masses.    

The dense spiritual bodies gathered between him and Bernardino were instantly cleared out.    

The phantoms may return quickly, but    

I only need 3 seconds!    

He had prepared a fully-charged [Soul-Eating Arrow] that was enough to injure Bernardino severely or even kill this opponent directly!    

The next moment, he suddenly clenched his right hand.    

The sharp centaur’s phalanx slashed through the air as if the fingernails cut some sturdy silk thread.    

That was what he saw: the fate of [Bernardino was about to be exempted from the controlling spell].    

Overcoming this almost inevitable fate would take a massive toll on Clarence.    

The skin all over his body cracked with blood dripping out. He was drenched with blood as if he had undergone millions of cuts by small knives.    

But luckily, the moment Clarence attempted to sever this fate, he already knew the answer:    

Without hesitation, he reached out his fingertips and cut open the artery in his throat.    

The splashed blood suddenly slowed down in the air and turned into suspended, spherical blood droplets.    

The time around the blood drop seemed to be slowed down. Bernardino’s chant was also slowed down several times, becoming extraordinarily clumsy.    


Chaos Spell: Borrowed Time for the Dying!    

“Jealousy makes you lose…”    

Clarence’s control of power was not precise after drinking the reagent. As he cut his artery, his trachea was also cut, which made it difficult to speak.    

However, he exhausted all his strength and pointed his hand at Bernardino against his rapidly blurred consciousness; blood sprayed out incessantly. “Anger is your defeat… arrogance is your defeat… greed is your defeat…”    

No… no…    

I still have ample mana, but the blood loss is too severe.    

That’s all I can do… unleash the spell…    

“Your soul will disperse…” Clarence cast his final spell before losing consciousness.    

A pale gray shadow flew out from his fingertips.    

Clarence then lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss.    

Chaos Spell: Soul Eating Arrow!    

Yet at this moment…    

He did not have the chance to witness the [Soul Eating Arrow] go straight through Bernardino’s body and hit a spirit body behind him.    

The soul collided with the Soul Eating Arrow. Pain overflowed in his expression as he crystallized instantly. Pieces of him peeled off and turned into ashes in the air.    

After that, it took another 3 seconds before Bernardino broke free from the [Page Lock].    

“Why bother…” He sighed, “You have no chance of winning from the beginning.”    

His jeweled eyes lit up slightly, sucking Clarence’s spirit into his belly.    

Clarence’s body immediately lost its life.    

A spirit walked over and ripped Clarence’s body off the table.    

The body was about to drop into the swamp spawned on the ground.    

Then, Bernardino’s heart moved.    

The spirit body peeled off his four fingernails and handed it to Bernardino. Clarence’s body was then thrown into the black mud, waiting for it to sink.    

“Centaur’s phalanx…” Bernardino sneered, “Fate, and the attempt to sever it. Until the end, you still believed in this kind of thing…”    

If fate could be changed so easily, how would centaurs end up where they are now?    

How would you possibly end up like this?    

Indeed, Bernardino did hear this statement back then.    

Soul Snatch Wizard, in the pursuit of seizing the mind, was invincible in battles with those of the same level.    

It encompassed the ability to read the opponent’s thoughts and tactics at any time, interfere with the opponent’s thinking, and silently change the opponent’s tactics. Even when the fighting time was prolonged, the soul snatch wizard could directly delete all the opponent’s memory, turning it into a mindless and ignorant puppet.    

The only two things that soul snatch magic could not influence were “time” and “destiny”.    

Attacks from the future and the past were something they could not avoid.    

At the same time, the power of fate was not something that could be curbed by reading the mind.    

“Take a break, Clarence. When you wake up, you’ll be there for me.” Bernardino whispered, “Relax, friend. You are special…    

“Aside from Your Excellency Hugo, I will only take your soul.”    

For the current Bernardino, those useless and boring souls were no longer worthy of being his “spirit”.    

Soul, who pushed Clarence’s body into the black mud, walked back with a blank expression and stood beside Bernardino.    

If Annan were here, he would instantly recognize it as Danton’s soul.    

It was Danton who quietly changed Clarence’s tactics, deleted the thoughts of “escape”, “avoidance”, and “delaying time” in Clarence’s mind, forcing a Soul Snatch Wizard to launch a face-to-face assault on him.    

This was also the outcome of Bernardino’s dedication to holding himself back to protect the integrity of Clarence’s soul.    

It clearly displayed the overwhelming advantage of high-ranking wizards over the lower-ranking wizards.    

“It’s time to meet the tower master.” Bernardino took a deep breath.    

This was not the first time he had seen a creature like the “Tower Master”.    

But it was the first time to challenge a living tower master.    

However, his win rate was 1000 percent.    

All Alteration Wizards were destined to be unable to defeat him.    

He brought his strongest spiritual body with him — even without a body, he might be the strongest transcender in this era.    

Behind Bernardino, a man with white hair and green eyes stood silently.    

Three invisible, eternal barriers wrapped around him. That also included Bernardino.    

[Track Analysis].    

[Inert Refinement].    

[Refractive Mirror].    

This was a triple barrier dedicated entirely to Alteration Wizard.    

That reason was that Isaac Flamel was the inventor of the most popular “Alteration spell” today.    

He was the greatest Alteration Wizard in the world…    

If he didn’t have a student named Nicholas.    


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