Enchanted By His Charm

Hidden Marriage





Enchanted By His Charm

Doctor Irish Lane- 28- year-old, was a renowned psychologist in New York. She looked stunningly attractive, sexy, and intelligent—a real beauty that undeniably captured every man's attention. Joseph Dover- a diamonds and gemstones expert and the CEO of the Runestones Group, appeared cruel and heartless in the eyes of his business rivals; however, his life abruptly changed when Irish Lane bumped into his path. He thought that every single day he was just repeating the previous day. He was always busy. In this increasingly cold and indifferent world, it was hard for him to find his soulmate, so love was a luxury that could not be found, something that could not be bought for any price. But God had blessed him, so he finally met her. After experiencing more than 30 confusing years, he finally tasted love and understood that once the right person appeared, one would realize how boring their past was. So he treasured and took care of it. She was his luxury. He didn't want to lose her. He treasured her like those diamonds and precious gemstones perfectly carved into luxurious jewelry. His passionate love is extremely possessive yet filled with happiness amidst the dangers coming their way. She planned to use him and take back everything from those people who drove her mother into her lonely grave; however, Joseph gave her an experience she had never lived before. His smile, seriousness, happiness, harshness, and intense gaze made her never want to leave him. **** His sudden kiss prevented her from continuing. Irish didn't expect it and felt her head buzzing. The man's breath which was so familiar and wild to her spread out around her. She tried to res

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